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Top 5 Unique Bars in the UK

When it comes to planning the ultimate hen weekend, it's not just about sipping cocktails at any ordinary bar. Brides-to-be and their squads are increasingly seeking unique and unforgettable experiences, and that begins with the choice of venue. If you're on the hunt for something extraordinary, look no further. In this blog, we'll take you on a tantalizing journey through some of the most exceptional and offbeat bar destinations that are perfect for celebrating your last fling before the ring. From hidden bars with secret entrances to rooftop venues with breathtaking views, and quirky themed establishments that promise laughter and adventure, we've scoured the globe to bring you a curated list of bars that will transform your hen weekend into an unforgettable escapade.

Dirty Martini Covent Garden

A Dirty Martini Covent Garden experience is the perfect choice for a memorable and chic hen weekend celebration. Located in the heart of London's vibrant Covent Garden district, this stylish cocktail bar offers an ideal setting for a night of sophistication, laughter, and unforgettable moments with your closest friends.

As you and your hen party step into Dirty Martini Covent Garden, you'll be greeted by a trendy and glamorous ambiance that sets the stage for an evening of indulgence. The venue boasts an extensive and creative cocktail menu, ensuring there's a drink to satisfy every palate. Whether you prefer classic martinis, fruity concoctions, or bespoke cocktails, Dirty Martini's expert mixologists are known for crafting drinks that are both delicious and Instagram-worthy.

The chic décor, cozy seating, and vibrant atmosphere create the perfect backdrop for toasting to your upcoming wedding and celebrating with your bridesmaids. The music is carefully curated to keep you dancing and enjoying the night to the fullest.

With its central location, Dirty Martini Covent Garden also offers easy access to other entertainment options in the area, allowing you to continue the celebrations well into the night. Whether you're sipping on exquisite martinis, dancing the night away, or simply relishing the atmosphere, a visit to Dirty Martini Covent Garden on your hen weekend promises a night of class and unforgettable fun.

F1 Arcade Birmingham

Heading to the F1® Arcade in Birmingham for your hen weekend promises an adrenaline-fueled, high-octane adventure that will make your pre-wedding celebration truly unforgettable. Located in the heart of the city, the F1® Arcade offers a unique blend of excitement, competition, and entertainment that is perfect for a bride-to-be and her closest friends.

Upon entering the arcade, you'll be immersed in the world of Formula 1 racing. The venue is designed to replicate the thrill of being on a real racetrack, complete with state-of-the-art simulators and cutting-edge technology. You and your friends will have the chance to hop into realistic F1 racing simulators, don racing gear, and experience the exhilaration of zooming around iconic tracks like Silverstone or Monza.

Competing against your bridesmaids in a series of fast-paced races will surely get your heart racing and bring out your competitive spirit. Whether you're a seasoned racing enthusiast or a complete novice, the F1® Arcade offers a customizable experience suitable for all skill levels.So, put the pedal to the metal and rev up your hen weekend with the F1® Arcade Birmingham!

The Liar's Club Manchester 

Taking the girls to The Liar's Club in Manchester for a hen weekend promises an unforgettable and thrilling experience. Nestled in the heart of the city, The Liar's Club is a hidden gem that offers a taste of the Caribbean with its vibrant atmosphere, exotic cocktails, and lively entertainment.

As the bride-to-be, stepping into The Liar's Club sets the tone for an exciting night ahead. The tropical vibes, complete with tiki torches and bamboo decor, transport you to an island paradise. You and your bridal party will feel like you've escaped to a Caribbean beach party right in the middle of Manchester.

The entertainment at The Liar's Club is equally impressive. Live music and DJs keep the dance floor alive, and the lively crowd adds to the electric atmosphere. Whether you're dancing the night away or lounging in a cozy booth, the energy is infectious.

Overall, The Liar's Club in Manchester is the perfect spot for a hen weekend filled with laughter, dancing, tropical vibes, and unforgettable memories. It's a place where you can let your hair down, celebrate with your besties, and make the most of your last days of singledom in style.

Coyote Ugly Saloon Liverpool

Heading to Coyote Ugly Saloon in Liverpool for your hen weekend promises an unforgettable experience filled with music, dancing, and a touch of wild fun. Coyote Ugly, known for its lively atmosphere and signature style, is the perfect destination for a memorable night out with your closest friends before your big day.

As you step inside the venue, you'll be welcomed by the infectious energy of the staff, known as the "Coyotes." These talented and vivacious bartenders are not only skilled mixologists but also excellent entertainers who will have you and your group cheering and dancing on the bar in no time.

The music at Coyote Ugly is always pumping, with a mix of country, rock, and pop hits that will keep you grooving all night long. Be prepared for line dancing, sing-alongs, and plenty of shots to keep the party going. The bar itself is a spectacle, adorned with graffiti and bras from previous patrons, adding to the quirky and unique vibe.

Throughout the evening, you and your hens can enjoy delicious cocktails, from classic margaritas to creative concoctions served with a flair that only Coyote Ugly can provide. The interactive experience is a fantastic way to let loose, celebrate, and create unforgettable memories with your friends.

Magic Garden, Nottingham 

A hen do is all about crafting unforgettable memories, and what better place to weave some enchantment than at Nottingham's Magic Garden? Tucked away like a well-kept secret, the Magic Garden promises an escape from the mundane and a plunge into the whimsical.

From the moment you step in, you're greeted by a realm that seems straight out of a fairy tale. Cascading waterfalls, twinkling lights, and mystical creatures around every corner set the scene for an evening of wonder. It's not just a visual treat; the ambience is alive with soft whispers of nature, laughter, and, of course, the occasional gasps of awe from fellow visitors.

But a hen do is as much about the company as the location. Gather your girls, find a secluded spot amidst the blossoming flora, and raise a toast to new beginnings, love, and friendship. As the night progresses, let the garden's magic seep into your stories, laughter, and dreams.

In short, Nottingham's Magic Garden offers more than just a location for a hen do; it provides an ethereal experience, ensuring your last fling before the ring is genuinely magical. 

So, if you're ready to raise your glasses to an unforgettable celebration, why not explore one of these extraordinary bar destinations that are sure to make your hen weekend one for the books. Cheers to unique experiences, fantastic cocktails, and memorable moments with your favourite people!

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Date Posted: Thursday 12th October 2023

Author: Nellie Gethins

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