Top Tips On How To Survive The Christmas Season

We all know how hard it can be to get through the Christmas period knowing you need to see all the family and keep everyone happy. We have got some top tips for you to make sure you have the best Christmas and think about you! You don’t need to worry about the small things, we have you covered. Take our tips on board and sail through Christmas. 

How to manage the mother in law:

Keep her happy with some flowers or wine as you arrive

Always offer your help around the kitchen or setting the table but, don’t be over helpful as this can be seen as trying too hard.

If her glass is empty, she’s probably thirsty…top her up. 

Make sure where you can that she gets a break, a sit down and a chat with your other half, let them have some mum time. 

How to manage the Father in law:

Doing all the above, will keep him satisfied. Easy.

How to manage the brothers / sisters 

If they’re younger you will need to reserve some energy. If you don’t give them some attention this could cause problems. Set aside some time to have some brotherly / sisterly love. 

If they have a partner be engaging with them and be interested in what they have been up to. 

Get him a beer and put the football on or get her a wine and put a film on.

Manage your own family: 

Make sure you have made everyone aware of your whereabouts around the festive period. This way no one can be unsure, and everyone knows exactly when they will be seeing you. 

Offer help with getting the food for the family, can you bring something along that they don’t have to worry about. 

Spend some quality time with all family members

Manage your relationship time:

You need time together. Make sure that the Christmas period doesn’t run away from you, and before you know it it’s January and you both haven’t spent quality time together.

Open a couple of presents just the two of you, this way it is a lot more intimate between you two meaning you can really focus on each other 

If you have a couple of days off plan a date day. 

How to keep the stress levels down on Christmas Day:

Don’t be wrapping presents on Christmas Eve. 

Prepare things like the vegetables on Christmas Eve

Discuss a plan of action for Christmas day, present opening, dinner and maybe when you will fit in going for a festive drink at the local. 

How to control the mess:

Bin bag at the ready when opening presents

Tidy as you go

Have everything prepared in the kitchen so it is quick and easy

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Date Posted: Wednesday 19th December 2018

Author: Jenna Halford

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