Virtual Hen Party Games

Games to play on a virtual Hen Party

So, we are now in a time when unfortunately, we can only connect through the virtual world. While this is very stressful and sad for us all that we are missing out on major events and occasions, we can still try and find ways to enjoy time with our friends virtually. 

We know plans have had to be put on hold and we can’t wait for those plans to happen, now more than ever we know how important those parties will be and how much more they will mean to us all. So, if you didn’t have time to arrange all those games and added extras for the hen now is the time. If you did why not still do some of them virtually. My sister has had to move her Hen and Wedding to next year, so what we are going to do is have a virtual Hen with some of the games we had prepared for her. It will be a great way for all the ladies to meet and get excited for the Hen next year. It also means she gets to have some fun on her would have been hen and gets even more excited for when the Hen party will be.   

Below are some of the games we will be playing, you could even ask the ladies to dress up on the call to make it more fun. Of course, make sure all the ladies have their drinks at the ready for the call!

You could also post the bride a veil to wear to really get her into the hen party spirt! 

Mr and Mrs

This is a classic and such a great fun game to get everyone laughing and getting to know the groom more. We had asked the groom to answer a lot of questions, so we will do some on the call and the rest on the real Hen party.  Here’s our top 10 questions to start you off if you need some inspiration.

    1. Who would play your Husband to be in the movie of his life?

    2. What’s your husbands to be favourite meal?

    3. What’s his pet name for you?

    4. What was his first job?

    5. What is the strangest place you have had sex together?

    6. What is his claim to fame?

    7. Who is the best dancer you or him?

    8. What do you argue about the most?

    9. What is his favourite part of you?

    10. How would he explain you in 3 words?

Who Knows the Bride?

So everyone will need a pen and paper for this, one bridesmaid will ask the questions and then everyone including the bride has to write their answer on their paper, then when you say answer, they have to hold up their answer to the screen so you can see who has it right.  This is so much fun to see the random answers that everyone will give, will anyone really know the bride? Here’s our top 10 questions.

    1. Favourite band?

    2. Favourite male celebrity?

    3. Favourite food?

    4. Favourite drink? 

    5. Favourite movie?

    6. Favourite sex position?

    7. Most random person she has ever fancied?

    8. Favourite Friends Character?

    9. Celeb she would most like to be?

    10. Favourite place? 

Guess whose body part it is?

Print off or use another screen with pictures on to hold up to show everyone, you will need to just show parts of the body e.g. 6 pack, bum, lips etc. Then everyone must guess who the body part belongs to. If the groom is on the wild side, you could always ask him to send you some pics to see if the bride to be can recognise her man. Otherwise of course use who you wish, we have David Beckham, Idris Elba, Chris Hemsworth, Channing Tatum and James Cordon to name a few. 

Snog, Shag, Marry?

This is an oldie but a goldie. You give each lady 3 celebs and they must choose who they would snog, who they would shag, and who they would marry! You can be as kind or mean as you like, the mean ones are usually the funnier ones! 

These games will make your virtual Hen so much fun, just make sure the ladies are keeping their drinks topped up! You could even find a stripper video to show for the grand finale!  Have fun ladies and stay safe!

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Date Posted: Thursday 9th April 2020

Author: Charlotte Sneddon

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