Wedding dresses after the big day

So, the big day you have been planning for days, months maybe years is now over. Only one job remains... what to do with your wedding dress? Good question! There is a few things you can do with your wedding dress, after all you have probable spent a lot of money on it so why not have other uses for it. See below some examples:

Pass it on to the next generation:
Whether you're already parents or plan to be this is a great idea. Keep your wedding dress and get it cut and sized into a cute small dress that can be worn for party occasions, christenings and many more.


Get it dirty...
Before the wedding the dress is the most precious item that can not get ruined! Well now it's over you can do what you like. Weather it's on the beach and running into the sea, colour party or a muddy woodland walk. It's yours to ruin and make memories doing it.


Fancy dress made easy...
If you have a fancy dress party after the wedding you could look classy but nasty. Dye your dress, paint it and even cut it to make it as scary as possible. Outfit sorted.


Keep it for a classy party...
If you have been invited to a prestigious event then your wedding dress may suit the party. If you're a bride that loves a social gathering, now you can look classy whilst having fun.


Renewing your vows...
You could keep your wedding dress for several years for if you decide to renew your vows with your loved one. This is great for memories and comparing photographs, you may even have new additions (children) at this wedding.


Give it to a charity...
Giving your wedding dress to a local charity will make you feel good and know that it is going to a great cause.

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Date Posted: Friday 27th September 2019

Author: Charlotte Sneddon

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