Wedding Outfit Ideas

It's not all about the bride! Be inspired by wedding outfit ideas that cover everything from budget to best dressed guest.

The Really Posh Wedding

The bride's minted. The groom's wadded. This is the swankiest wedding you've ever been invited to. The flower wall and cake are lavish enough to make Kim Kardashian seethe with envy. It's black tie with a capital B. If you want to splash out on an investment dress and win the best dressed guest award, Jacques Vert do a lace bodice prom dress in dusky pink and black that should suffice. At £149 it's not cheap but you will be able to wear it again.

Image credit: Jacques Vert, Debenhams

Vintage Wedding Outfit Ideas

If you love a rummage through racks and rails of charity shops and vintage boutiques, you can get something unique. If you don't have time for that, don't worry. Vintage is still a big wedding trend, which means you can always rely on the high street. Clothing site Rock My Vintage is another good source for wedding outfit ideas if you don't have time to go out dress hunting.

Image credit: Rock My Vintage

The Budget Hero

Clicking around trying to find wedding outfit ideas on a budget can be a pretty frustrating task. If you want something that doesn't cost too much and can be worn again for a night out, this £40 plisse t-shirt dress from Oasis is a good bet.

Image credit: Oasis

For a Beach Wedding

This is great because you can get away with all sorts of different outfits and spend as little or as much as you want to and still look good. A case in point being the River Island orange Bardot dress below for £35. The bride will be probably be cool with you wearing flip flops as well. Result!

Image credit: River Island

Outdoor Wedding in the Country

There's massive scope here but do pack a pair of wedding wellies because British summertime is anything but predictable. If you want to go the whole hog, Evercreatures do actual ivory wedding wellies for around £37.

Image credit: Quality Wellies

City Hipster Wedding

If your budget runs to Ted Baker, their Hoppe Illustrated Elegance Shirt Dress in black and white is perfect for a city hipster wedding.

Image credit: Ted Baker, House of Fraser

Themed Wedding

Can be tricky but there is an easy way to make sure you give a nod to a couple's chosen wedding theme without ending up looking like you're going to a fancy dress party. There are a lot of Harry Potter fans out there but that doesn't mean every guest needs to look like a Hogwarts pupil. An easy way to do this is just to stick to colours. So, if Harry Potter is the theme, you just do Gryffindor colours, like scarlet and/or gold.

Image credit: Asos

Autumn Wedding

Not hot enough to go sleeveless but too warm for faux fur, autumn weddings are tricksy. The good news is that the shops stock AW season lines in summer so you've got plenty of time to look around. This pleated ruffle cape tiered maxi dress from ASOS is a good place to start.

Image credit: ASOS

Winter Wedding

This is a chance to channel Narnia or Frozen. I don't mean a full on Princess Elsa (no one wants to hear 'Let it Go' at a wedding). But you can definitely bust out a faux fur shrug (like the one below from Debut at Debenhams) and be glam. There are lots of winter wedding outfit ideas. You've actually got more scope than you might think. Ditch the pastels and go for bold colours and richer, more structured fabrics. All good if you're not exactly rocking a tan in Jan!

Image credit: Debenhams

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Date Posted: Monday 22nd August 2016

Author: Jenna Halford

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