Wedding Trends 2019

Weddings are a once in a lifetime event and they are very precious to the bride and the groom and their families. The wedding industry is thriving and a lot of other industries are under its umbrella, like decor, fashion, entertainment, music, travel etc. It’s no surprise then, that wedding trends keep changing every year. Some wedding trends are a classic, but many are changing and a lot of them are absolutely new. So if you’ve got a wedding coming up, you better be abreast with all the wedding trends that are going to dominate 2019.

Here are the top wedding trends for different categories that are involved in a successful and trendy wedding.

Wedding Cake Trends 2019

The yummy in tummy cakes are taking the wedding industry by a mouth watering shock with amazing, almost unbelievable, trends. Dripping and watercolour cakes ruled some of the top cake trends of 2018 and the next year is bringing with it even more spectacular wedding cake trends.  

Here are some of the top wedding cake trends that are going to be cut into by the newly weds of 2019.

1.Naked and Almost Dressed Cakes

Naked and almost dressed are new trends that are being tasted at weddings recently. Naked cakes are a low cost cake trend because they do not require much icing and are also a good fit for a rustic themed wedding. Almost dressed cakes are  translucent cakes with just a light layer of icing. The main attraction of these trendy cakes is the filling which is just to die for. Le Papillon Patisserie has some delicious naked cakes.

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2. Geometric Cakes

Geometric shapes like oval, hexagons, rectangles, triangles are going to be very trendy in the upcoming year. They are a great choice for contemporary and modern themed weddings. At a bold colour themed wedding, a geometric pattern cake will add the final touch of perfection to your dream wedding. You can browse for some geometric cakes at Malarkey Cakes.

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3. Lace and Ribbon Cakes

More and more brides are demanding a lace design on the tiers of their cake similar to the lace work on their wedding dress. They make for really beautiful cakes that will break your hearts when cut into. To add a bit of colour and elegance to cakes, single tiers being wrapped with ribbons matching the bride’s bouquet are also a new trend that’s picking pace. You can experiment with some lace and ribbons for your wedding cake with some ideas from The Cake Parlour in London.

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4. Metallic Cakes

2019 is definitely the year for lots and lots of metallics, be it in dresses, decor or cakes. Gold or silver tiered cakes or just a brush of gold or maybe fine embroidery on geometric shaped cakes, will add a great glamorous touch to your wedding dessert. If an entire tier of gold is too much glitter for you, try sprinkled glitter which will be just perfect. You can get some amazing metallic cake designs at Fancie Buns.

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5. Sugar Flower Cakes

Flowers rule everywhere in a wedding, be it decor, dresses so why should cakes be left behind. Edible flowers on a cake? That sounds beautifully delicious. Simple pastel coloured cakes with bold coloured sugar flowers to add a touch of elegance, are going to be a very popular choice for cakes for newly wed couples of 2019. Cakes decorated with sugar flowers are lovely for an elegant and sophisticated themed wedding. The Pretty Cake Company has several floral designed cake options.

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6. Painted Cakes

Hand painted cakes are going to be baked a lot in the upcoming year. Cake designers are making wedding cakes their canvases and painting some beautiful marbleized, Monet inspired, stained glass, floral prints and many other designs on wedding cakes. Solid coloured multiple tiered cake with single hand painted tier will give a unique and artsy look to your dessert and also work well as a wedding decor piece. You can find some great hand painted cake options at Nevie-Pie Cakes.

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7. Cake Alternatives

There are many couples who are ditching the traditional wedding cakes and having dessert alternatives like candy bars, macaroon towers or mini cakes. For couples who are not so traditional or big on a giant cake, they can go for mini cakes to be served to guests as a small version of cake. There are many couples who are opting for a Candy bar to be stocked up with different kinds of candy for the guests to choose from and colour coordinate it with the theme of the wedding. Macaroon towers are also a big trend at weddings and will continue into the new year as well. If you’re looking for cake alternatives like macaroon towers, check out anges de sucre, extraordinary cakes.

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2. Wedding Decor Trends 2019

The wedding decor industry is booming with new trends and ideas. You don’t want to be last season when it comes to planning your wedding decor. With neon lighting and geometric shapes ruling the 2018 decor trends, you don’t want to miss out on what 2019 has in store for you. Check out the top wedding decor trends that are going to rule the weddings of 2019.

1. Decorating with Nature

The Royal Wedding brought with it the trending green colour which has further brought the trend of weddings having a natural theme when it comes to decor. Expect to see lots of flora and fauna at weddings in 2019. Herbs and garlands are going to be back in the wedding decor industry. Romeo and Succulent wedding decor company offers a great variety of flowers, cacti, succulents and more of nature decor for weddings and events.

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2. Metallic

Metals are leading the decor industry with copper and bronze set to rule the type of metals that will be seen at weddings for decor. Metallic menu and table numbers have become quite popular and are only going to rise in wedding decor in 2019. Metallic wedding decor adds a touch of glamour and luxury to weddings and you can find these at

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3. Floral

Floral arches, hanging florals, floral chandeliers etc., foliage is going to be really big in 2019 weddings. In fact, flowers almost never go out of fashion and neither are they about to, anytime soon. Flowers add beauty and nature to a wedding, making it an elegant decor. Sprig and Thistle are experts in providing florist services for events and weddings.

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4. Table Wreaths and Trestle Tables

Table wreaths are a really popular choice among couples getting married. Table wreaths are a more preferred choice than tall centerpieces because it enables the newly wed couple to get a wider view of the reception than being obstructed by giant, floral centerpieces. If you wish to have something like that for your wedding check out The Fine Flowers Company.

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5. Geometric Centerpieces

Geometric, metallic centerpieces are becoming a new favourite when it comes to wedding decor choices. Geometric candle holders or light fittings are a common and trendy choice for a modern, industrialist themed wedding. They give a sleek, elegant and contemporary vibe to your wedding. You can find some of these for your wedding decor at

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6. Succulents

Succulents have become a popular choice for wedding decor and some brides are even taking this trend forward to bridal bouquets. They look extremely cute, add a touch of nature and are very durable. Tiny succulents can also be given as thank you gifts to wedding guests at the end of the reception. You can find some adorable succulents at

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7. Stunning Backdrops

Backdrops have become almost a necessity at weddings for good photo opportunities and pretty corners. From nuptial backdrops to photo booth backdrops, it’s a trend which is not going out of style anytime soon. You can have themed backdrops with photo props which will make for fun photo opportunities and beautiful decor. Anaiah Grace wedding and events company does some gorgeous backdrops for weddings.

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3. Wedding Dress Trends 2019

The Royal Wedding of Prince Harry and the Duchess of Sussex, Meghan Markle has set the tone for the 2019 wedding dress trends. The ‘Markle Effect’ of simplistic designs and halter necks are very popular and ruling the bridal fashion industry already! The Bridal Fashion Weeks of New York, Milan, London, Barcelona and top fashion forecasters have predicted the top wedding dress trends that are going to be abundantly seen on the brides of 2019.

Here are the top wedding dress trends that you can expect to see around you in the upcoming, new year.

1.Halter necks

Simple design, halter neck wedding dresses owe their popularity to the Royal wedding. Meghan Markle donned a silk, halter neck, fit and flare, Stella McCartney creation. Since then, wedding dress designers have been swarmed with demands for halter necks. This is one trend you can surely expect to see many brides in. There are a range of halter neck wedding dress designs that you can check out at

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2. Blue and Coloured Choices

Brides are going for bold choices of colours when it comes to their wedding dresses. Blue is a popular choice among brides but you can also expect to see some bold colours like reds, pinks, yellows and shades of orange for wedding gowns. Caroline Arthur, a couture dressmaker, has created an app called CoutureKit, which allows you to choose your colour preference and design for your dream, wedding dress.

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3. Sleeves

Wedding gowns with unique sleeves are going to continue to dominate the trend next year. Lace sleeves, which became popular with Kate Middleton’s wedding dress, and off-shoulder designs can be expected to be replaced by something like full, puffy, tulle and other unique sleeve designs. InWeddingDress, an online platform to shop for wedding dresses, has unique sleeve designs in their bridal collection.

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4. Bohemian

The boho-chic brides are going for more carefree wedding dresses with a variety of lace patterns. They provide more room, are cool to wear and cater to personalities. Fashion forecasters have predicted a rise in these kind of wedding dresses which make a distinctive style statement, especially for beach weddings. Check out some bohemian wedding dress styles at

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5. Feathers

Feathers have made their entries and exits in the fashion history and they are set to make another entry in the 2019 wedding bridal trends. They are witnessing a huge presence at red carpet events and weddings are not going to be left behind. Riki Dalal’s bridal collection has a gorgeous feather wedding gown design called Britney. Check it out here.

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6. Short Dresses

Short length wedding dresses are a trend that’s picking up the pace real quick. Millennial brides are choosing to experiment with the hemlines of wedding dresses or turn their wedding gowns into short dresses for the reception in the evening. Rita Mae in UK offers short wedding dresses in three lengths.

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7. High Necks

Halter necks have given the way to high necks and they are going to be the necklines to look out for in wedding stores in the year 2019. These can be expected to be accompanied with long sleeves, lace and beautiful borders. Millybridal’s high neck wedding gowns are definitely following the footsteps of 2019 bridal trends.

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8. Metallics

Metallics are in trend everywhere be it decor, centerpieces or dresses. Bridal Fashion Week saw some gorgeous silver, gold and rose coloured wedding designs. These are definitely going to give the glamorous touch to the weddings of 2019. You can pick out some gorgeous metallic fabrics at

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9. Elaborate Princess Ball gowns

The desire of brides to feel like princesses on their wedding day never goes out of fashion. Year 2019 will witness some elaborate ball gowns for wedding dresses with long trails and intricate work. Ellis Bridals has beautiful ball gown silhouette wedding dresses for brides who wish to rule the hearts on their wedding day.

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4. Wedding Photography Trends 2019

Wedding photography trends evolve each year according to how couples want to remember the most important and beautiful day of their lives. Some of the popular wedding photography trends of 2018 like reportage and dramatic images might continue to be popular and trending in 2019 as well. Here are the top wedding photography trends that you can expect to see in the upcoming new year.

1.Unplugged/ Professionals Only Weddings

When wedding guests try and click pictures on their phone, iPads and other gadgets, it gets in the way of wedding photographers doing their job. So couples are going for unplugged weddings, where they ask their guests to leave their phones and gadgets behind and enjoy the moment. Couples prefer getting clicked only by professionals at their weddings and you might want to too. Check out Tom Robak’s wedding photography and his take on unplugged weddings.

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2. Pre-wedding shoots and Bridal Portraits

This is a popular trend for couples and will continue to be popular even in the year 2019. Couples are choosing to go to beautiful locations and get clicked a day before the wedding, either in their wedding attire or wear a completely different attire specifically for this purpose. Brides are getting themselves clicked in different lights and poses, a day before the wedding or on the day of the wedding, to get some solo shots in their wedding dress. This makes it easier for the newlyweds to enjoy their wedding day with their guests and not stress about getting enough pictures clicked on the main day. Allister Freeman is a great choice for wedding and portrait photography in UK.

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3. Candid/ Natural Moments

More and more couples want candid, informal and natural photographs rather than posed. Photographs of people enjoying the special day, without knowing that they are being clicked, gives the couple a real flashback to their special day. So this is a trend that is going to be very popular in 2019 as well. Kevin Mullins has clicked a lot of candid photographs at weddings.

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4. Drone Photography

With the rise in drone technology, drone photography has seen an increase at weddings. Aerial shots capturing the spirit of weddings along with beautiful shots of the bride and groom, have increased the demand of drone photography. Drones capture some excellent footage and photographs at weddings which the couples can cherish forever. However, the thing to keep in mind about drones is that their operators should be well trained, licensed and experienced. Now if you want an aerial shot of your wedding then you can get in touch with Drone Photography Services in the UK.

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5. Wedding Teasers for Social Media

Wedding photographers understand that you need some quick photographs for social media updates. So the latest trend is to give you a set of wedding teaser images within 24 hours of your wedding, exclusively for Instagram and Facebook uploads. Photographers prefer their own photographs getting uploaded on social media rather than that of guests on their phones so they happily cater to social media needs of newly wed couples. You can ask your wedding photography company, for example Purson Photography and wedding films, to give you teaser images for your social media updates.

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6. Stop Motion Wedding Photography

This was and will continue to be a popular trend even in 2019 weddings. Stop motion wedding photography is a style of photography where still photographs are clicked and then made into an animated video with preferred choice of music. These are short films which can be used as trailers for social media or sent along with digital wedding invitations. You can get a stop motion wedding video shot for your wedding from Mark Cribb Photography.

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7. Photo Booths

Photo booths have been an extremely popular trend for many years and are going to continue being popular in the year 2019 as well. Photo booths don’t just mean photo props anymore, there are high tech photo booths with WiFi, touch screens and real time social media updates, so you can get your photos on social media the moment you get them clicked at the photo booth. This trend is very popular and liked by guests for getting their photos quickly. You can get one for your wedding from Wright Wedding Photography.

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8. Selfie Shots

Selfie shots refer to couples getting clicked while taking their selfies. This is a popular trend among wedding photographers who want to capture candid and fun moments of guests taking selfies and having a good time. Any wedding photographer that you hire can take selfie shots for you. You can try Matt Sim wedding photography to shoot your wedding.

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9. Wedding Albums Comeback

While this isn’t the age of wedding albums because everything is digital, couples are asking their wedding photographers to give them an album of hard copy photographs of their wedding. Yes, albums are making a big comeback in the digital age. Albums are a great way to revisit your wedding story and also give an old school theme to your beautiful wedding photographs. So if you want a wedding album for yourself get in touch with FX Photography.

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10. Day-after Photo Shoots

This is another popular wedding photography trend where the newly wed couple gets clicked together in their wedding attire, a day after the wedding. This is done so that the couple doesn’t stress on their busy wedding day about photographs and can enjoy with their guests. Another trend of the day- after photo shoots is getting dramatic photographs after the wedding day at various locations, spending good amount of time to get beautiful pictures. This is not possible on the wedding day, that’s why couples prefer getting themselves clicked the day after their wedding. You can look at some of Neil Baxter’s post-wedding shoots to get an idea of what you should expect.

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5. Wedding Theme Trends 2019

Having a theme for a wedding is the foundation to everything else that goes into planning a beautiful wedding. The decor, the food, the music everything else surrounds the theme of the wedding. More and more couples are opting for a unique theme for their wedding, which makes the rest of the wedding planning easier and smoother.  

Here’s a list of some of the top UK wedding theme trends that you can expect to see in 2019.

1. Green/ Organic Theme

Green and organic weddings are a popular trend among couples who want an environment friendly and a green themed wedding. A green and organic wedding has everything that is eco- friendly and conscious of the environment. They are the affordable choice for weddings, if you don’t want to splurge too much. The Natural Wedding Company helps you plan your eco- friendly wedding with suppliers providing you with eco- friendly and organic resources.

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2. Geometric Theme

If geometric decor and cakes are going to be trending in the 2019, then how can themes be left behind? The chic look for high end or casual weddings is going to continue to be popular in the year 2019 as well. Geometric themed weddings usually have a lot of silver, gold or rose gold metal decor pieces to give it a sophisticated touch. You can find a lot of geometric wedding decor and other things for your geometric themed wedding at

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3. Romantic Theme

Romance is never out of fashion, especially when it comes to weddings. Romantic wedding themes are extremely popular among couples owing to the beauty and love that these weddings produce. Everything from candles, mood lighting to flowers, music is chosen to give the feeling of eternal love on the couple’s special day. The Black Sheep Wedding Company has organised beautiful weddings and they can do a romantic job for you too.

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4. Bohemian Theme

For a unique, unconventional and barrier breaking couple, a Bohemian wedding is perfect. A bohemian style wedding is relaxed, elegant and beautiful, all in one. Closely connected to nature, Bohemian weddings are an extremely popular choice for couples who want a wedding that describes and suits their distinctive personalities. has a lot of Bohemian wedding supplies and products to help you achieve the perfect Bohemian theme and look for your wedding.

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5. Glamour/ Glitter Theme

The bling and glitter at a wedding is all about elegance, feeling fancy and having sparkles shining all around you. If you want a dreamy and glamorous wedding then glitter and sparkles is the way to go. Everyone loves shimmer and a wedding that is glamourous, is a wedding that is remembered. If you wish for a glamourous wedding then you can get all the shimmery supplies needed at

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6. Woodland/ Rustic Theme

This one is for all the relaxed and cool couples that want a wedding where everyone is laid back and having fun in a natural, wooded surrounding. Countryside venues, barns or indoor venues with a lot of rustic and wooden decor is what you need for this theme. You can hang decorations and fairy lights on trees, have rustic centerpieces to give your wedding the woodland theme that you want. Rustic weddings are a really popular trend that’s going to continue into the next year. Hothorpe Hall and the Woodlands has organised amazing woodland weddings and you should check them out if you want one too.

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7. Festival Theme

Doesn’t a day seem like too less a time to celebrate the love of two people bound in holy matrimony for eternity? Well, it won’t seem less with a festival wedding theme. A festival wedding is all about being laidback and having lots of fun over two days or more. Marquees with fairy lights, live music, street food, tepee and not to forget, the special occassion that is the wedding, will make for a wedding to cherish and remember. The Original Pop Up Festival Company can help you make your dream festival wedding come true.

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8. Fairytale Theme

Brides wanting to feel like princesses and grooms wanting to feel like their prince charming, almost never goes out of style. This is an evergreen trend that’s going to be on the list of top wedding theme trends in the upcoming new year as well. Pink decor, elaborate ball gown wedding dress, floral decor are now being modernised to suit the modern couple who wants a fairytale wedding. Disney themed weddings are also popular nowadays for couples who want to make their fairytale dreams come true. has pretty decor items for your fairytale themed wedding.

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9. Vintage Theme

Vintage wedding themes have been popular for a long time owing to their charm and beauty and they are surely going to top the list of wedding themes in 2019 as well. This wedding theme is great for any time of the year and provides a variety of options for decor, dresses, music etc. Couples who share a love for all things vintage would love this theme for their wedding. This theme will express their personalities and share their love for vintage with their close ones. has a great collection of decor items for a vintage themed wedding.

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10. Creative Themes

There are many couples who want to be really creative and unique with their wedding themes like beach wedding theme, countryside wedding theme, pop culture wedding theme, punk, gothic, rock etc. It depends on what the couple wants but breaking traditions for a more unique wedding is a trend that’s really picking up pace. If you want to break barriers and go for an alternative wedding theme, get in touch with

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6. Bridesmaid Dress Trends 2019

If the wedding dress trends are changing, then the bridesmaid dresses cannot be far behind. While the spotlight is always on the bride, the bridesmaids need to have their moment to shine as well. With statement sleeves, velvet fabrics and much more trends ruling the 2018 bridesmaid dress scene, 2019 is going to be even more fantastic.

Find out below the top bridesmaid dress trends for the weddings of 2019.

1. Tied Dresses

Whether it’s just tied shoulders or a tied dress, knots and ties are going to make for a very popular trend in the weddings of 2019. Tied dresses are elegant, fun and totally in style. If you want one for your bridesmaid check out

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2. Velvet Dresses

Velvet fabric dresses are in style and are going to continue being in style in the year 2019 as well. Velvet bridesmaid dresses have totally made a come back like the 90’s style and are here to stay. They look classy, unique and dramatic, so if that’s what you’re looking for then go to for some gorgeous velvet collection dresses.

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3. Statement Sleeves

The trend of statement sleeves in wedding dresses has also trickled down to the bridesmaid dresses. Having unique, statement sleeves in your bridesmaid dress is going to be seen at a lot of weddings in 2019. Whether it’s flutter sleeves, puffy sleeves, lace, full sleeves, they are going to be the highlight of a lot of bridesmaid dresses. You can find dresses with unique sleeves at

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4. Nostalgia Rose Colour

Nostalgia rose colour is a very popular choice among girls for their bridesmaid dresses. This tone loses the brown undertones for a dusky pink which makes for gorgeous dresses for weddings. In fact, it’s a popular colour choice for formal dinners as well. If you want to get your hands on the popular colour choice of 2019 then head to

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5. Jewel Tones

Rich jewel tones are going to be ruling the colour palette of 2019 bridesmaid dresses. From rich mustard to emerald greens to royal blues to ruby reds, you will see a lot of bridesmaids walking down the aisle in 2019 adding rich colour to weddings. If you want to don a bridesmaid dress like the royalty check out David’s Bridal for a great collection of bridesmaid dresses of your choice.

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6. Wrap Dresses

The trend of wrap dresses is a latest one and is going to be popular in the upcoming new year. The comfort that wrap dresses provide has made it a favourite among bridesmaids who are looking for comfort and style. Wrap dresses suit various body types and can be short or long, which is how you can expect to see them in the new year. If you want one for your wedding try

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7. Tea Length Dress

Even bridal wedding dresses have tea length dresses as a popular trend, so how can bridesmaid dresses be left behind. Tea length dresses are getting more and more popular owing mainly to their comfortable and practical length. Coupled with lace trimmings, satin bows, tulle skirts, designers have made the tea length dresses to suit the fashion of 2019. Try one out at

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8. One Shoulder Dress

One shoulder bridesmaid dresses are an evergreen style that almost never goes out of fashion. But in 2019, this trend is set to dominate the bridesmaid dress trend. It’s the elegant and comfortable choice for weddings. It looks best in chiffon fabric and is a great balance between strapless dresses and sleeves. If you want to get one for yourself or your bridesmaids, check out

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9. Two Piece Dress

They are not going anywhere, in fact they are only getting more and more popular. Two piece and separates are a popular choice for bridesmaids who might want to change their skirts for the reception after the wedding ceremony. They are a more bold, daring and a more younger choice. If you would like to go different with your bridesmaid dress and opt for a two piece, you can find some at

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10. Sheer Fabrics

If you want a dreamy, delicate and sophisticated feel to your bridesmaid dress, you might want to try out the trendy, sheer fabrics. They are perfect for a romantic, fairytale wedding theme and are definitely going to be in season in the weddings of 2019.

You can get some sheer fabrics for your bridesmaid dresses at

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7. Wedding Invitation Trends 2019

Wedding invitations are the first look of the wedding for the guests. They convey a lot of what can be expected out of the wedding in terms of its theme and ideas. Invitations are like trailers of weddings and so they have to make a good first impression. Your wedding invite lets the guests feel valued and loved so they have to be on perfect.

Here are the top wedding invitation trends that can be expected an RSVP on in 2019 weddings.

1. Watercolour Invitations

Watercolour wedding invitations are a great, artistic way to introduce your theme of the wedding to a guest. You can have locations painted on the cards or just have splashes of your wedding colour scheme, anything that you want. This is a very attractive and creative idea for an invite and has become extremely popular among couples. You can get some for your own wedding at

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2. Travel/ Location Centric

Travel themed wedding invites are really popular among couples who want to be creative and unique with their invites. If the couple are avid travellers then this is perfect to suit their personalities. Tickets or document style invites are the kind that are really popular under this trend. You can have a look at some of the designs at

Image Source: Pinterest

3. Monograms

Monograms on wedding invitations are a great way to add a personal touch along with keeping it stylish and trendy. Monogram wedding invitations have always been a very classy choice when it comes to invites. If you like monogram wedding invitations check out

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4. Landscape Themed Invites

A great and popular choice for destination wedding invites, landscape themed invites are going to continue being trendy in the upcoming new year. Skylines or landscapes of the wedding venues, these invitations are a beautiful choice. You can find some at

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5. Envelope Invites

While all invites come in some kind of packaging, the traditional envelope style is evergreen. You can have unique, coloured envelope liners that will give some hint of the theme of the wedding. Choosing an envelope style is going to be really trendy in 2019. You can get some of these at

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6. E-Invites

Whether it’s to have an eco-friendly invite or the speed, e-invites are extremely popular and don’t seem to be going out of trend anytime soon. In the age of digitisation, e-invites are definitely here to stay for a long time. The convenience, timesaving and environment friendly features of an e-invite have attracted a lot of couples to this trend. You too can be a part of it by trying out some e-invite options at

Image Source: galla.Seelenflü

7. Cultural Influences

Many couples want their culture and heritage to reflect in their wedding invites and this has become quite a popular trend among couples of UK. This will continue to be a trendy choice for wedding invites in the year 2019. This makes the invite unique and personal. You can also get your culturally themed invites at

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8. Photo Centric Invites

When it comes to adding a personal touch to invites, photo centric invites are really trendy and in style. Adding a photo of the couple to be married along with the invite expresses the passion and love that the couple shares and wants the guests to be a part of. A meaningful photo to look at will always strike a chord with the guests who receive this invitation. You can get one for yourself at

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9. Minimalist Invite

For those who like to keep things simple and information focused, minimalist style is the way to go. This is a trend that will always be instyle because it’s simple, affordable and elegant. Just give the important information, maybe use a high quality paper and have less to no embellishments on your invite for a minimalist wedding invitation. You can check some out at

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10. Geometric Invites

If geometric themes and decor are in trend, then 2019 wedding invites will definitely see some geometric styles. For a classy, high end and sophisticated theme, geometric styled invites are great. Shapes like triangle, hexagonal, rectangular are in fashion and will continue to be. You can get some geometric styled invites from

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8. Wedding Ring Trends

The most important and most beautiful part of a wedding ceremony is the bride and the ring that she wears. A wedding ring is something that a bride will wear forever on her finger and has to be the best of all rings. When there are so many choices of wedding rings, it can get very confusing which one to get. What’s trending and popular is one way to shortlist your wedding ring choices, so here’s a list of the wedding rings that are going to trend in the year 2019.

1. Coloured Stones

More and more brides are moving towards getting coloured gems for their wedding rings to reflect their personality and choice. Pink, yellow, blue diamonds are the popular colour choices for engagement rings with coloured gems. You can get one at

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2. Pear Cut

The solitaire diamond has now got a modern and vintage twist with pear cut diamonds getting popular among brides. Pear cut diamond rings look really beautiful and elegant for a wedding and are going to be trending for quite some time. You can check out some designs at

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3. Bands With Diamonds

Instead of going for a centrally positioned diamond, brides are nowadays going for bands covered with diamonds which makes for a very classy and simple choice. If that’s how you like it, you can find one for yourself at

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4. Halo Rings

You can expect this classic style to be trending for many years to come. A centrally placed single diamond, surrounded by small diamonds, this trend is a style statement which is elegant and very sophisticated. You can try out some designs at

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5. Vintage Cuts

This is for the brides who are opting to get coloured stones for their rings. You will need to keep in mind the cuts to ensure that they look good. For example, for a long shape such as oval or emerald cut, go for an aquamarine or sapphire stone because it will heighten the colour vibrancy. To check out some vintage cuts go to

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6. Yellow and Rose Gold Bands

Brides are ditching the white gold and platinum bands that were popular before for the latest yellow and rose gold bands, which make for a more unique statement. The warmer tone and different than the traditional colours, has made it really trendy for the 2019 weddings. You can get one at

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7. Unique Twists

Unique twists in wedding rings are going to be a trend that’s going to be very popular in the upcoming years. Wedding rings are not just about a single bling, but rather they are about unique designs and twists in bands are giving the brides exactly that. You can check out this latest trend in wedding rings at

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8. Double Shanks

If you want to make a real style statement and get all the attention on your ring, then go for double shanks. Multiple bands of tiny diamonds in your wedding ring will give a beautiful, rich look. It’s pretty, unique and elegant, ticking off all the criteria for a trendy wedding ring. Find one at

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9.Pearl and Diamonds

Wedding rings with a single pearl and multiple diamonds is a unique trend that can be seen on the hands of many brides. This trend will pick up pace in 2019 and you can expect this subtle, elegant and definitely unique look to be popular. You can get one for yourself at

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10. Art Deco Inspired

Art Deco inspired rings are seeing a huge online presence so it’s surely going to dominate the wedding ring trend in the coming year. Experts have recommended that those who wish to go for this style, should choose a triple setting and add two white diamonds on each side of a coloured stone, if they are going for one. You can check out some of the art deco inspired ring collection at

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9. Wedding Music Trends 2019

Music is one of the most important decisions that a couple needs to make for their wedding and reception. It sets the mood for the night and of course you need to entertain your guests and make them shake a leg or two. 2019 is going to bring with it some amazing trends when it comes to wedding music. Find out below the top trends of wedding music that’s going to dominate the upcoming new year.

1. Acoustic Folk Music

Bands inspired by the Mumford and Sons music have been really popular at weddings looking for classic, modern pop and rock songs that will make the guests shake a leg and also keep them entertained and maybe hum along a song or two. If you want to book an acoustic folk band for your wedding then go to

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2. Festival Style Music

This kind of music is trending among couples who want to reminisce over songs that they used to sing at the top of their lungs as if at a music festival. This music is all about having fun with music and dancing on stage. Get yourself a festival style music band with

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3. Modern - Vintage Wedding Bands

Modernised swing music with the glamour of American jazz is back at weddings making people have a great time. It is highly entertaining to listen to some of the most modern songs having a vintage rendition. If this is something that you like check out for vintage bands for hire.

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4. Modern String Quartets

While this may be the traditional choice, it is now a popular choice because of modern twists it comes with. Classical musicians are giving a modern twist to classical music and people are loving it. Check out some of the quartets you can hire at

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5. Roaming Acoustic Bands

For daytime wedding music, roaming acoustic bands are a great choice. They are not restricted to one place or by electric equipment and can add merry to the wedding party by performing from place to place. This kind of music gets the guests talking and having fun and not to forget, is more unique than other music choices at weddings. You can get one at

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6. Mash Ups and Medleys

Couples who really have a taste for good music and creativity are going for bands that perform medleys and mash ups. This adds a twist to the music that people have already heard and is also really creative. This is a really good choice if you want to have fun with music. You can hire mash up bands at

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7. DJs

It goes without saying that DJs are one of the most popular music trends. This is mainly because of the versatility of music that a DJ is able to play at a wedding. Whether you want a romantic slow number or a fast dance number, a DJ is able to deliver it all. So if you want an all in one package, then go to

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8. Solo Pianists

Piano is a classical instrument that never goes out of fashion. Piano is a great choice for an elegant, sophisticated themed wedding. You can make a list of songs that you would like the pianist to play at the wedding and then you’re all set for a piano music filled wedding. Hire a solo pianist at

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9. Solo Cellists

Cello is another popular classical instrument that can really add a classy touch to a wedding. For those who like the cello and classical music, this is a great choice. This is going to be a popular trend among couples who want a solo performer and classical music at their wedding. You can hire a solo cellist at

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10. Specialty Performance Acts

Couples are also opting for professionally rehearsed performances as entertainment at their weddings. Those who want to take the music and dance scene at their weddings a notch higher, they are going for specialty performance acts. This adds a touch of glamour to the wedding and makes it all the more special. You can browse some acts at

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10. Honeymoon Trends 2019

Once the wedding is done, the honeymoon begins and this is the most precious and romantic time for the newly wed couple. They bond as husband and wife, get the best and most memorable experiences before they get busy with their daily, monotonous life. There are several trends that are popular among couples when it comes to their honeymoon. Here are the top honeymoon trends that you can definitely expect to see in the upcoming year.

1.Farm Honeymoons

Newly wed couples are looking to cut off from their daily, monotonous lives and get close to nature by spending their honeymoons at farms where they work and stay. This gives them the opportunity to experience something different and also have a close-to-nature honeymoon. You can book one at

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2. Road Trip Honeymoons

Couples are going for road trip adventures which enables them to spend a good time with their better half and also explore places. This one is for the couples who love travelling and are wanderlusts at heart. You can plan a honeymoon road trip at

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3. Honeymoon Cruise

Going on a cruise for your honeymoon is a trend that’s never going to go out of fashion because of the unique, luxurious experience it provides. The adventure of being on water and exploring a different part of the world is exciting and romantic as well. If you want to book a cruise for your honeymoon go to

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4. Two Honeymoons

Couples who might not have the time right after the wedding to go on a elaborate honeymoon, are going on mini-moons right after the wedding, which is a short honeymoon and then taking an elaborate and longer honeymoon later. This is a common trend which is only going to grow because of the busy lives people are leading nowadays, falling short of time to take leave from work for wedding and a honeymoon. You can choose various packages of mini-moons and honeymoons at

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5. Adventurous Honeymoon

If you’re the kind of couple that likes to sweat it out and camp under the stars then this is the perfect honeymoon idea for you and your better half. Get drenched in some water sports, hike a mountain or go fishing, this trend is picking up amongst couples and is here to stay for a long time. If you want to go on a honeymoon like this, check out

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6. Culinary Honeymoons

This one is for all the foodie couples out there. If you like food and you love your wife/ husband, then combine the two and try out this new trend in honeymoons called culinary or foodie honeymoons. Take culinary tours with your better half and explore different cuisines. Check out some of the culinary tours at

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7. YOLO Honeymoons

The term YOLO standing for You Live Only Once, is the trend in honeymoons that calls for honeymoons at luxurious destinations with all things five star and top notch. The idea behind this honeymoon trend is that, honeymoon is a once in a lifetime event, so everything about it should be the best and there shouldn’t be any ‘budget’ thoughts for this one. If you want a luxurious honeymoon get in touch with

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8. Volunteer Honeymoons

While going green on a farm is the trend, couples are also taking their honeymoons as a chance to give back to the society and the environment by volunteering. It could be anything from feeding the homeless, to building a community or educating children, volunteering honeymoons are a popular trend and are only going to be picking up in the coming year.

You can check out some volunteer honeymoon options at

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9. Eco-Tour

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Date Posted: Tuesday 27th November 2018

Author: Jenna Halford