Wedding Trends 2020

Each year brings different trends and in 2020 we are set to see some beautiful dresses, ideas and personal touches added to weddings. Will any of these trends be at your wedding? Or maybe you will start something completely unique? Check out the biggest wedding trends below according to Elle UK: 

1. A second Wedding Dress 

Will you have just one special wedding dress or like the royals will you have a second to change into? Usually the second wedding dress is worn for the reception, some will prefer not to as the money spent on the first would have been enough. Also, wedding guests that were not at the ceremony may not see the wedding dress. But, having said all that putting on a fresh dress will kick start your evening and put you in full party mode – it may be a comfier dress that’s not so heavy. 

2. Eco-friendly Weddings 

These days being eco-friendly is a huge aspect of everyday life, the question of how we can make this better for the environment. Things needs to be considered like vegan dinners, plastic-free weddings, locally sourced flowers and carbon-offsetting their honeymoon.  Couple who marry nowadays are conscious of the damage that can be done to the planet and people are actively making decisions to make the wedding as environmentally friendly as they can. Reducing transport, asking guests to RSVP online, encouraging guests to use one glass throughout the ceremony and even sending invites on recycled paper. 

 Image sourced from Elle UK

3. Dresses with Tulle

Dresses are so different every year, the typical wedding dress nowadays doesn’t exist. Any dress goes, long or short, white or pink its an open book. One trend that is looking likely in 2020 is dresses with tulles, an essential bridal fabric. This look makes the dress look like a fairy-tale dress, to make a bride feel like a true princess.   

4. Outdoor Weddings

There has been a clear change in couples wanting there wedding to take place outdoors, whether that is abroad or not. Couples are choosing to chance the unpredictable British weather and opt to hold their big day outside. 

5. Add a little personal touch…

Adding small personal touches to the wedding day is becoming a big trend, things like making the table decorations personal, adding the date and initials to the wedding shoes, stitching the dates or a phrase onto the bottom of the wedding dress. These can add the extra special parts to the wedding that everyone remembers and stand out from the rest.

6. Food Stations

From doughnut walls to food vans, this aspect of the wedding is becoming the best part. You can get unique with the catering at your wedding. A festival themed wedding could have a few different variations of food vans, and one especially for drinks of course. This way the wedding breakfast becomes a much more social occasion, and everyone can enjoy the venue and environment more.  

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Date Posted: Friday 15th November 2019

Author: Charlotte Sneddon

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