What Not To Do On The Day Of Your Wedding

The lead up to your wedding involves all the planning and prep, so your wedding day should be a lot less stressful. To ensure that your wedding day is smooth sailing there are a few things to consider and already check off your list or delegate to a family or wedding party member. For your own sanity, here’s what not to do on your wedding day:


1. Stress about the weather

This is out of your control, what ever the weather is on that day will be. You cannot change this factor so let it be. After all, you’ve paid a lot of money and spent a lot of time planning this big day, so the weather is not important. Let your hair stylists worry about the products they will use to ensure your hair stays perfect or leave your maid of honour to organise and set up the backup weather venue if need be. 

2. Start or finish DIY projects: 

Whether this is baking little treats for your guests, making individual wedding favours or table decorations make sure these are all complete before your big day. You will not have time to finish or even start these projects, the most important thing is that you are ready to enjoy one of the best days you’ve been planning for ages. Make sure you only assign yourself to DIY projects you know you can complete before the big day. Set yourself achievable targets. 

3. Pamper treatments:

Some brides may want a morning of pamper before walking down the aisle, facials, massages or maybe even wax treatments. This luxury pampering may be better to schedule in a few days before the big day. You never know whether you or anyone else will have a reaction to a facial or wax, or whether the massage would be too rough (may make you too sore to dance all night long). Making sure everything beauty is done before your wedding day means that you will only have your hair and make-up left to do on the day. 

4. Brand new shoes are banned: 

If you’ve bought brand new shoes for your big day, it is a must that you wear them in. Walk around the house to get used to them and break them in, the last thing you want on your wedding day are huge blisters and bare foot dancing. It never hurts to bring a backup pair of shoes be it flats or sandals so that the option is there for you to change if needed. 

5. Hit the gym to hard: 

What ever exercise you do two or three days before the wedding make sure you don’t push yourself too hard and make yourself bed bound before your wedding. You have a long night of partying ahead of you, so you need to reserve all the energy you have.  Aching muscles or pulled muscles is a big no no for your wedding day. 

6. Starve yourself or forget to eat:

Staying fueled on your wedding day is very important. A big breakfast and lunch will not affect how your wedding dress fits and it gives you all the energy you need for the day ahead. You will also need a little food to line your stomach as a few drinks will sure to be given to you.

7. Be on your phone: 

Everyone you need to contact or care about will be there with you on the day so make this day one without technology. Photographers, videographers and your friends and family are there to capture your memory. Answering your phone, texts or emails can wait for the day or two after, spend your day soaking up every moment with your new husband. 

8. Try and be in control of everything:

You have a wedding party, family, wedding planner and friends who will take care of everything to ensure you have the best day. For one day try not to be a control freak and let other people deal with any issues that come up. This also takes some forward planning as you can assign people to different roles and ensure everyone knows where to be and when, but on the day that is not your job!

It’s your day enjoy it!! 

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Date Posted: Friday 22nd February 2019

Author: Charlotte Sneddon

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