Which Fast and Furious character are you

Fast & Furious 7 roars onto a cinema screen near you in April, and this time round, Jason Statham plays the baddie! All of which brings me to the awesome ways a girl can put the pedal to the metal on her hen do.

There are plenty of options but how do you know which best suits your personality? Take the Fast & Furious character test and find out if you're a karting queen, a quad biker, a Rage buggy diva or a 4x4 fan.

You're Dominic Toretto if...

You're a free spirit who spends most of her time running towards or from something. Charismatic and a born leader, you inspire fierce loyalty in your crew and take good care of them.

Your ideal hen do driving activity is a buggy adventure .

You're Letty Ortiz if...

You're feisty, fierce, fearless and can beat the boys at anything - especially driving fast cars! Despite her tough, tomboy exterior, Letty has a weakness for bad boys. Sound like you?

Your ideal hen do driving activity is Rage buggies .

You're Roman Pierce if...

You speak your mind, shoot first and ask questions later! Hot-headed and a fast talker, you're funny and have a penchant for spending money on the finer things in life.

Your ideal hen do driving activity is quad biking in Ibiza.

You're Mia Toretto if...

You're a beauty with brains who knows when to keep out of trouble and when to step up and take control!

Your ideal hen do driving activity is off road driving.

You're Brian O'Connor if...

You've got a dark and mysterious past but are now striving to remain on the right side of the law despite having friends on both sides of it!

Your ideal hen do driving activity is outdoor karting .

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Date Posted: Wednesday 1st April 2015

Author: Cathy Alexander

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