Worldwide Hen Party Destinations

Hen parties can be celebrated all over the world and our worldwide destinations are perfect for partying and celebrating the brides final fling before the ring. See below the destinations we recommend if you fancy jetting off around the world. 


This Mexican city that boarders the Caribbean Sea is known for its beautiful sandy beaches and variety of bars and clubs for exciting nightlife. Take a trip to the long beachfront strip and top up your tan. Plenty of shops and restaurants to keep you and the girls busy.


If the bride is a shopaholic then Dubai is where she needs to be. A city known for its luxury shopping she will be right in her element. See the ultramodern architecture and embrace the vibrant nightlife. 

Las Vegas:

Better known as ‘Sin City’. Will you put your money on black or red? This is the ultimate party destination, be prepared to have little sleep and be up until the early hours. This is a city that never sleeps so no need to worry about not having things to do! 


A stunning African city with modern glam. Crazy back streets, ancient markets and some of the most amazing spas in the world. This city is full of mystery and beauty stocked with plenty of restaurants, fashionable bars and clubs. 

New York:

The city of iconic sites visit the Empire State Building and take a stroll with a picnic around Central Park. Is the bride into her musicals? Take her to a Broadway theatre show, she will love it. This city has so much to offer when visiting as a tourist, make sure you plan where you want to visit as the days will run away with you. 

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Date Posted: Friday 29th March 2019

Author: Charlotte Sneddon

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