X Factor Hen Party Ideas

Planning a hen party for an X Factor fan? Here's how you totally nail it.

Make a Pop Star Video

One for the divas! Step into the shoes of Little Mix or Girls Aloud and make your very own pop star video at a professional studio. No talent required! We're talking posing, pouting, and a sound engineer to polish your vocals. The whole experience will be recorded on camera. You'll have your very own hen party music documentary to keep and treasure.

X Factor Drinking Games

This one's easy. Everyone in the hen party downs a shot whenever any of the following things happen:

  1. You spot a fauxhawk on one of the boys
  2. Rita Ora flirts
  3. Someone tells a sob story and makes Cheryl cry
  4. Simon looks smug or bored
  5. A hopeful who's just been rejected tells the judges they'll regret it
  6. Simon tells a boy band they're going to be bigger than One Direction#

Pin the Willy on the Simon

The 'Junk on the Hunk' hen party game gets the X Factor treatment!

Who Am I?

Here's an easy and cheap idea for an X Factor hen party. Write the names of memorable X Factor contestants on post-it notes and stick them to each hen's forehead. Each person has to guess who they are by asking everyone else questions.

X Factor Fancy Dress

The bride gets to be Cheryl but she has to wear that military outfit she wore for Fight for This Love. Everyone else can do celebrity face masks. Scary but a right scream! The hen will crease up laughing when she sees you lot in Simon, Scary or Grimmy masks.

X Factor Nail Art

Even those who never get their nails did will be able to paint a red 'X' on a black background! Add a few crystals, and whoop - there it is. Or you can do a Rita Ora and just do multicoloured nails.

X Factor Cocktail

Fizz is a must! Get the hen party started with Sgroppino cocktails. These cheeky little Italian numbers are made with Prosecco, vodka and lemon sorbet. Basically a boozy slush puppie.

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Date Posted: Wednesday 12th August 2015

Author: Yazmina Wallace

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