Your Guide To Planning A Hen Party

Of course, planning a hen party can be stressful but it doesn’t need to be with our helpful tips to keep you on track. Whoever is responsible for the planning will feel under pressure to make sure the bride has exactly what she wants. Take a look at our guide to help you plan the best weekend for your bestie. 

Step 1: Speak to the Bride 

Speaking to the bride to find out vital answers to some questions you have regarding the planning of her hen party is really important. At least then you will have a rough idea what she wants and doesn’t want on her hen party. Here are some questions you could think about:

1. Do you want to go abroad?

2. What type of budget should we work to?

3. Do you have any definite no’s in terms of what you want to be doing?

4. Are there any places you would particularly like to visit? 

5. How many days/ nights do you want to go away for?

6. Most of all, what is important to you? 

Step 2 – Invitations 

Sit down with the bride and talk about who she wants to be at her hen party. This way you won’t miss anyone vital off the list. 

Step 3 – Discuss possible dates 

Find out when the bride wants to have her hen party and what date best suits her. Make sure you gather a few options from her so that you can arrange the most convenient weekend for everyone who is attending. It is also worth getting a list of people that the bride must have there so that you can coordinate the dates that work for them too. 

Step 4 -   Communication is key!

Set up a group chat on WhatsApp or Facebook messenger so that you can all keep up to date with plans, budgets and dates. Don’t put the bride in the group unless she requests to be. 

Step 5 – The fun part…Location! 

Once you have an idea of numbers and dates you can start to think about where this crazy weekend is going to take place! Not only the destination but the accommodation too. Will it be a hotel, a private country house or villa that you rent for the weekend? The destination will decide this after all or get a couple of options and the price may decide your location. We ca also help you find cheap flights and tell you the best airports to fly from. 

Step 6 – Plan what you will be doing

A hen party must be full of activities and making memories. Now that you know your chosen location you can start planning what you will be doing there. Research what activities your group would want to do. Make sure you choose activities the bride would like; she must be the reason you choose what you do. We can help you with this if needed and suggest perfect activities to fit what you’re looking for. 

Step 7 – Book

Booking with am ABTA company means your weekend is fully protected and you have help 24/7. It stops you worrying as we will sort everything for you and if there are any issues, we will sort them. It also means that you have an online payment system, so you will not have to worry about paying for everything and waiting for everyone to pay you back. And it’s only a £50 deposit to book you weekend, sorted! 

Step 8 – Pass on the final details… 

In the dedicated group chat you should pass on all final details to the other hens, price, date, time, activities and location. 

Step 9 – Allow for dropouts 

You may have a few people dropout towards the date of the hen weekend. You need to collate this information before the final payments are due. Confirm with anyone in advance that they can still make it to ensure that no one looses out and plans can still go ahead as planned. 

Step 10 – Be the Banker

It’s time now to ensure everyone is paying on time. For a smooth sailing hen weekend make sure everyone gets their money in on time. We provide an online account for everyone to pay into. So, they can pay in instalments or in one go and you can check all payments without any worry. 

Step 11 – RELAX!

So, you have just organised the whole hen party, everyone has paid, everyone is excited it’s time now for you to relax! Take some time where you don’t have to think about the hen party not in a bad way but no more organising! It’s you time now! 

Step 12 – How will you be getting to the hen party?

Now you need to think about your transport. Will you be looking to all go together in shared transport or will you go separately and meet at the accommodation? 

Step 13 – Delegation 

It’s time to organise the party games, t-shirts, party bags, accessories for the bride and who is decorating the accommodation. This is when you delegate the jobs out to the other hens so that the responsibility is shared, that way it is less likely something will be forgotten. 

Step 14 – Itinerary 

Send out the overview of the itinerary to the girls beforehand, or even have them printed and hand them out so that everyone knows when and where everything is happening. Especially if you have quite a few activities to attend, this will ensure that everyone will be ready on time etc. 

Step 15 – Have the best Hen Weekend!! 

Enjoy yourselves, take loads and loads of pictures and make memories to treasure.

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Date Posted: Friday 9th August 2019

Author: Charlotte Sneddon

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