Your Transport To Saying I Do

Will you go traditional or will you go 21st century? Horse and carriage to lorry or tractor? The transport to your wedding can be anything! Even a taxi! Sounds crazy but it happens. And why not if that’s what you want to do. Working out how you will get to the wedding is an important factor and you need to consider who will be with you, so you know how many you need to cater for. You also need to research what transport you want and whether it fits into the budget (and if it doesn’t make it work!). Below are some examples to help inspire and motivate you to organise your wedding transport:

The vintage wedding Car:

The vintage Italian Car:

The convertible:

The Beetle:

Horse and Carriage:

Fly high with a Helicopter:

The classic Bus:

Retro Limousine:

"Taxi!" :

Ride to your wedding:


Set sail with a Boat:

Get some speed on a Motorbike:

Brave it in a Rickshaw:

Jump on a Tractor:

Go off road with a Jeep:


Make yourself at home with a Camper Van:

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Date Posted: Wednesday 10th July 2019

Author: Charlotte Sneddon

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