Your Ultimate Hen Party Survival Guide

So what is a hen party survival kit?

It is the perfect selection of items to get the party started and to ensure no one is left too inflicted by the dreaded hangover. Whilst a hen do might not sound as dangerous as being lost out at sea. There are still some cautions to take and some much-needed items to keep your party a float! Our Hen party survival kit ideas will see you through your special weekend and back to full health in no time. 

Planning the perfect Hen party can be very stressful at times. With so much to think about when planning, all you need is someone to help with the little important ‘must remembers’. That is what this survival guide is for, we list a variety of things you must remember to keep the whole party fed, watered and most importantly happy. So, you just need to make sure that everyone knows when and where to be. 

Now it’s a couple of weeks before the weekend you’ve been meticulously planning for months, why not get carried away with planning survival kits for your ladies, these kits are more fun than your traditional party favour. Our hen party survival kit ideas can help guarantee your group to have a fab time and still be up in time for breakfast (fuel is needed to get partying on day 2). 

Our survival list & the must remember items: 


Do you have a hen that is prone to the morning after headache? If so, provide her with her own stash of paracetamol so that she has no excuses when you are wanting her to dance again at 11am with a glass of vino in hand. 

Dry Shampoo:

What a saviour this can be… if your hen party is the kind that will want an afternoon siesta then get the dry shampoo packed, so that washing & drying your hair doesn’t take up crucial drinking time. We all know us girls take long enough to get ready as it is, so any way we can reduce this has got to be a miracle.  


No excuses on your hen party ladies, new shoes or not you are down to party until dawn. Be sure to pack these feet savers so that you can ensure that dancing will not be affected. 

Emergency small bottle of wine:

In case of an emergency, crack it open. We wouldn’t want anyone to go thirsty. 


The good old H20 can be a life saver when it comes to quenching your thirst, but for this hen party survival guide its main purpose is to keep all the hens hydrated to reduce the risk of a hangover. Make sure your party keeps hydrated, not only on the good stuff (vino) but with water as well to keep them on top form. Keep a bottle of water by your bed, you can thank us later. 

Sugary Snacks:

Us girls love our chocolate on good days, but when we have a fun filled day of activities with our closest friends, chocolate or sweets can be the icing on the cake. For the extra boost of energy your hens may need, take some sweet treats with you to cure any cravings. Keeping sugar levels high will help sustain energy and power to party.

Itinerary List:

Organisation and knowing the plan is important to most ladies, so print out your itinerary list with the whole weekends activities BUT do not forget to add in essential vino breaks. Breaks are necessary for a hen party to make sure there’s down time as well as ticking everything off the list. 

Ice Breaker Games:

Need something to get the party started, it is always worthwhile having a few games in mind to bring up at pre-drinks to break the ice, as your school friends may not know your work colleagues. Ice breaker games are also great to introduce on the second or third day of your hen party, when the girls may be hungover and need a boost to get going again. 

Shot Glasses:

Pack a few of these and make a toast to the bride with her favourite liquor. These can also come in handy when playing any drinking games before you go out. 

Wet Wipes: 

Wet wipes are great if any of your hens want to take a baby wipe wash to keep them feeling refreshed after the day’s activities, before moving on to the next. Light and convenient to keep in your bags.

Chewing Gum:

So that you and your hen party can stay minty fresh! 

Naked Butler:

We don’t need any reason for one of these beauties to make an appearance, what’s better than a naked handsome chap serving you & your ladies drinks. This is a perfect way to keep the whole party perky and lift the spirits through the roof! 

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Date Posted: Friday 29th June 2018

Author: Jenna Halford

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