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Ibiza Hen Do Ideas and Activities - Escape Rooms

Ibiza Escape Rooms

I'm all locked up, they won't let me out, no...

See what the fuss is all about with a trip to the Ibiza escape rooms! This activity is a perfect way to keep those ladies locked up for an hour of fun and mysteries. In order to get out the room you'll need to work together as a team to maximise the use of your brains. It's a creative mix of solving puzzles, speed, riddles, deciphering codes and looking out for hidden objects whilst having plenty of fun. Are you game?

Awesome team work, nerves of steel, smart clues and cracking codes lead you to freedom

Once the door locks behind you, the countdown begins. Don't forget ladies every second counts and there are a couple of red herrings to throw you off the scent. It's a great way to keep the ladies entertained in the middle of the day and have four different rooms to choose from. Become a detective in the Sherlock room, enter the curious room of Alice in Wonderland or the fateful Zombie Apocalypse or become a mad scientist trapped in a cell.

Check out the Ibiza Escape Rooms for the most incredible, interactive and innovative activity on the island. The activity will involve you and your tribe getting locked in for a whole 60 minutes; will they be able to escape before their time is up? If the bride to be loves a mystery then a session in Ibiza's best Escape Room is definitely a winner. Remember the clock is ticking...

In a nutshell:

  • Ibiza escape rooms experience
  • Solve puzzles and mysteries
  • 60 minutes
  • Four different rooms available
  • Each room is themed and filled with mysteries, puzzles and riddles
From Only £35.00 per Person
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