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Leeds Hen Do Ideas and Activities - Battlezone Archery

Leeds Battlezone Archery

Big fan of Oliver Green in Arrow?

Then you'll go crazy for Leeds Battlezone Archery! This is a magic mix of paintball, dodgeball and archery. Obviously we don't expect you to shoot each other with pointy arrows. The ones in this event don't slice and dice. If you get hit, the rubbery arrowhead takes the impact and saves you from getting wounded in battle.

"You want to be tough, better do what you can, so beat it" - Michael Jackson

When you get to the venue, pick team captains and separate into different factions for the big showdown. You will play dodgeball kind of games and get involved in paintball-type scenarios. Only you're armed with archery equipment rather than paintball markers or balls, so it's a real test of skill, speed and cunning! If you're organising a hen weekend for a bad gal, this is a great choice of activity.

Event coordinators are there to help on the day. They also do the really important but boring stuff, like keeping score. Everyone (even the hen party group leader) will be free to have some fun without worrying about the organisation side of things. They're great guys who get everyone pumped up and ready to play Leeds Battlezone Archery. We can't promise Mr. Arrow himself Stephen Amell but you'll have a great time even so!

In a nutshell:

  • Leeds Battlezone Archery
  • Play a selection of team games to win points
  • Rubber arrowheads and face masks make it safe
  • Pitch rental and instruction included
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