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Leeds Hen Do Ideas and Activities - Cheeky Butler

Leeds Cheeky Butler

Two words: smokin' hot.

Leeds hen nights should be a bit naughty. Add a little spice to your hen weekend with a Leeds Cheeky Butler. Bring a fittie in a teeny weeny pinny on board and it'll be a scream! One of the buffest, hottest guys in West Yorkshire will come over and get the girls tittering with his chest, charm and charisma.

He does everything a butler would usually do, only with most of his kit off. We're talking cleaning, dusting, fetching food, serving drinks-all of that stuff. He's budget-friendly too. Hire your hottie for an hour or upgrade to a two-hour slot and get him to really put his back into it!

This is what you call service with a smile!

Only the hottest, most charming and polite guys in Yorkshire make the cut. All are super professional and great at serving and keeping a big group of girls entertained. Very popular for Leeds hen nights, cheeky butlers have a well-deserved reputation for five-star service. You'll be served like never before and will never look at a waiter in a dickie bow the same way again!

If you're looking for amazing entertainment for Leeds hen nights, cheeky butler parties are hard to top. You can have one, two or even a whole party of buff butlers if the group's big enough and your budget allows. Let us know what you're up for. We'll get one or more cheeky butlers to make the hen's last night a legendary one.

In a nutshell:

  • Leeds Cheeky Butler
  • 1 and 2hr hire options
  • 1 or more butlers can be hired
  • Traditional cheeky butler costume or skimpy shorts
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