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Leeds Hen Do Ideas and Activities - Old School Sports Day

Leeds Old School Sports Day

Best trip down memory lane ever!

A hen party is all about getting the girls together and making memories. Leeds Old School Sports Day lets you relive the good times and create new ones while you're at it. Dust off your pumps, get the knee socks out and come t'Leeds for the most fun a girl can have with hula hoops and beanbags. The events you'll be competing in are all based on those you did when you were little. And yes, you will get the chance to do the egg and spoon. No sports day would be complete without the best-loved race of all time.

It's all very simple: arrive at the venue at the prearranged time, split into houses, don your coloured bibs and get your race on. An instructor will be there to welcome everyone, organise the races and fill in the scorecards. Your job is to be silly, have a giggle with your mates, and give it all you've got when the whistle blows.

That's Leeds, that

Is one of about 20 phrases you will only use or hear if you're from or visit, Leeds. It's what the locals say when they think something or someone is genuinely awesome. The city's name is used as an adjective. That's the level of love they have for their town. If you really love Leeds Old School Sports Day, bust out the phrase afterwards. It's kind of addictive. You'll be using it throughout the hen night!

In a nutshell:

  • Leeds Old School Sports Day
  • Compete for your house
  • Bibs, bands & equipment provided
  • Event coordinators
  • Court hire provided
  • Allow 1hr for this activity
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