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Three people stood in orange jumpsuits facing a judge.

Liverpool Alcotraz Cocktail Experience

From Wedding Bells to Cell Bars: Our Night at Alcotraz

Embarking on a memorable hen do, the Alcotraz cocktail experience in Liverpool promises an unforgettable adventure that merges the world of immersive theatre mixology. This unique escapade invites you to step into the shoes of inmates, donning iconic orange jumpsuits, as you’re transported to a fictional prison- themed bar. Upon arrival, the immersive cocktail experience whisks you away into a captivating world where you’re not just patrons, but active participants. The venues are transformed into a lively penitentiary, complete with live actors who effortlessly blur the lines between reality and the imaginary. The excitement heightens as you and your girls become integral to the unfolding narrative.

One of the most exhilarating features is the “smuggle your own booze” concept. As if plotting an audacious prison break, you and your fellow hens can bring along the preferred spirits, defying the fictional wardens. This contraband will then be deftly incorporated by the talented bar staff, who are skilled in the art of crafting personalized cocktails. Their mixology ensures that your chosen alcoholic delights are transformed into delectable concoctions that perfectly suit your tastes.

Sipping Behind Bars

As you indulge in your creatively crafted drinks, laughter and camaraderie fill the air, solidifying memories that will be cherished long after the hen party is over. The Alcatraz cocktail experience manages to flawlessly blend entertainment, mixology, and interactive storytelling, guaranteeing an electrifying hen do that stands apart from the ordinary.

So, if you’re seeking an unconventional and thrilling way to celebrate, consider venturing into the world of Alcotraz in Liverpool. It’s a place where laughter meets creativity, where you don’t just raise your glasses, but also raise the stakes for an extraordinary hen weekend.

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