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Liverpool Hen Do Ideas and Activities - Battlezone Archery

Liverpool Battlezone Archery

What do you call a cocktail of paintball, dodgeball and archery?

Liverpool Battlezone Archery is a heady brew that takes all that's great about each sport, sticks it in a blender and whizzes it up to make one awesome event. Hybrid sports are everyone at the moment but this is one of the hottest. Live out big battle scenes from film and TV with your best mates. The arrows are a bit different than the ones you usually get. You can and will shoot each other but no damage will be done. Rubber, shock - absorbing points make this a safe, fun and thrilling game that gives you a little taste of battle without the risk.

"When the sh*t goes down, ya better be ready" - Cypress Hill

This is an event that takes about an hour and consists of a variety of games. You'll be tasked with everything from knocking other players out of the game to shooting balls off the tips of cones. There are interesting twists like exclusion zones and the chance to bring eliminated players back and even the score. All will be explained on the day.

Liverpool Battlezone Archery is for all you badasses out there who don't want tiaras, L-plates, cupcake decorating or cheerleading. If you like an adrenaline rush and want to do something that will make you sound awesome when you tell people about it, combat team games should do the trick.

Up for the challenge?

In a nutshell:

  • Liverpool Battlezone Archery
  • Team activity
  • Paintball & dodgeball influenced games
  • Safety masks, gear & bow hire included
  • City centre venue
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Packages That Include This Activity

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Whats Included...
  • Battlezone Archery
  • Bar Crawl
  • 2 Nights Apartment Accommodation
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