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An image representing Hooters with two girls in hooters uniforms

Liverpool Hooters

Hens at Hooters: Wings, Rings, and Girly Things!

If you think hooters is only for the lads, think again! We're about to show Liverpool how us girls party, Hooters style! Buckle up, because this hen weekend is all about flamboyant fun, fabulous food, and fizzy frolics! 

Imagine rolling up with all the girls to hooters, ready to turn heads and raise glasses. First stop? The bar, of course! Lets kick off with our three pitchers of margaritas- zesty, tangy, and perfectly instramamble. Snap a pic with your besties, pinkies raised! And because we are the fun-loving divas, three more pitchers of sex on the beach are mandatory! Its vibrant, its fruity, and perfect for your sassy hen night. But hey, why stop there? Three bottles of wine please! Whether it’s a classy pinot grigio, a freshing rose, a rich merlot, or a playful blush- we've got options, ladies. Here is a toast to our beautiful bride to be and to nights that become epic stories!

Hens, Hoots & High Boots

As we get the giggles rolling, its munching time. Start with three sharing bowls of gooey mozzarella dippers, because, lets be real, cheese equals happiness. Dig into two large plates of tex mex chilli cheese loaded nachos and don’t forget the crispy deep fried pickles with the iconic hooters dipping sauces! 

But the cherry on top? A slice of cake with twinkling candles, celebrating your leading lady. And for that extra sprinkle of special, a personalized hooters girl celebration song. We're talking full-on Hollywood spotlight moment, but with added chicken wings! And hey, a keepsake is a must! An autographed Hooters Name drop t-shirt will ensure this night remains unforgettable. So, ladies, ready to enjoy an unforgettable hen weekend activity?

* Different packages available. Contact your hen party planner to find the perfect package for you *

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