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Marbella Sphering

Love the rush!

Say farewell to life as a single lady by doing something that makes your spirit soar - Marbella sphereing with your hen party!

Get epic photos, share in legendary craziness and feel the rush of defying gravity in a massive plastic ball that can hit speeds of up to 28mph! This is definitely a bucket list activity for hens who love the feel of adrenaline pumping through their veins.

Grab the girls for an afternoon where fear and fun collide when you roll down the hills of Marbs in what looks like a super huge hamster ball!

More fun than a roller coaster!

Totally bonkers and incomparable, sphereing will add plenty of memorable moments to your last fling before the ring. Also known as zorbing,it's all about the adrenaline kick you get from this free fall feeling, when you're rushing down that hill. You'll be laughing and screaming the whole way down.

Add water and you have aqua sphereing - an amazing experience for the adventurous hen! Thirty litres of water are added to the ball and you get to spin round in the biggest washing machine in Spain!

In a nutshell:

  • Marbella sphereing experience
  • Speeds of up to 28mph
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