Monte Carlo Hen Do Ideas and Activities - Catamaran Cruise

Monte carlo Catamaran Cruise

Get your hens on the high seas...

You're on a hen weekend in Monaco, the home of the super yacht! It would be rude not to do a Monte Carlo Catamaran Cruise with your bride tribe. Your group will enjoy exclusive use of a dazzling white boat with a spacious deck and creature comforts below. Lounge in the sun and work on your wedding tan, enjoy a few drinks with the girls, and live the movie star lifestyle.

Catamaran charter is the best way to see the sights of Monaco and explore the stunning coastline. Enjoy fabulous views of everything from lush clifftop gardens to golden sandy bays, sparkling waters, and dramatic cliff faces.

Sightseeing with a luxurious twist.

Then there's the villas! It's no secret that Monte Carlo is a tax haven. See lavish villas owned by celebrities, and sail past picturesque ports like Villefranche. Charge those smartphones! You'll get some amazing pictures during your hen weekend in Monte Carlo.

This is a day trip, which means you'll have plenty of time to stop off for swimming and perhaps a little snorkelling too. Monte Carlo is incredibly busy during the famous Grand Prix (May) and the Monaco Yacht Show (September), so book as soon as possible if you're planning a hen weekend in spring or at the end of summer.

In a nutshell:

  • Monte Carlo Catamaran Cruise
  • Private
  • All equipment included
  • Skipper, staff & fuel costs included

Packages That Include This Activity:

Monte Carlo Hen Party Packages - Catamaran Cruise
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From £510.00 Per Person