Newquay Hen Do Ideas and Activities - Body Boarding

Newquay Body Boarding

Grab a board, get it the water and ride the waves!

Bride tribes up for a bit of wet and wild fun will absolutely love Newquay Body Boarding on a hen weekend. It's the most pure fun you can have on the seaside. Faster to learn and way less frustrating that trying to surf, body boarding is one of the most popular water sports around. Taught by qualified lifeguards, it basically involves riding waves into the shoreline on a body board. You'll learn the basic skills and techniques an then get in the water and carve it up!

There's no experience required! It's a beginners lesson which takes place in waist-deep water, so you don't even need to be a fantastic swimmer. You will, however, need to be reasonably fit, as it's a very physical activity.

Keep calm and ride a boogie!

If you're up for get wild on the waves with your hen party, tell the girls to pack their swimwear, a beach towel and their 'can do' attitude. Your instructor will teach you all about waiting for the waves, picking the perfect one, jumping on your board and then kicking and paddling when the time's right. It's super simple to pick up, and you can even try simple tricks like turning when you lean into a wave!

If you're searching for activities that'll make your hen party smile, laugh, whoop and cheer, Newquay Body Boarding will tick all the boxes. Get some sand between your toes and enjoy the intense rush of nailing your first ride.

In a nutshell:

  • Newquay Body Boarding
  • Beginner friendly
  • Learn the basics
  • Need to be physically fit
  • Professional, qualified instructors
  • Boards & wetsuits provided
  • Bring swimwear & a towel
  • Allow 2.5hrs for this activity

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