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Nottingham Bungee Run

Love the rush of a hen do in Nottingham!

Not everything about a single life send off has to be pampering and partying. Do something that'll get those pulses racing with a session on the Nottingham Bungee Run! The perfect way to break up a crazy day of fun on a hen weekend is this inflatable game that brings out every hen's inner child. Think school sports day - for grown ups - on an inflatable track. It's just plain epic. Get involved!

So here's how it works. When you arrive at our activity centre just outside the city centre, we'll split your hen party into teams. You'll get your team strip on and compete to place a Velcro baton as far down the inflatable course as you can make it. Sounds pretty simple, right? Until you realise you're attached to a super strong bungee cord and it's holding you back from the finish line. The further you get down the run, the harder it is to keep running. Will you manage to stick the baton down before the bungee pings your back to the starting line?

Run, hen party, run! It's the bungee run in Nottingham!

If you've ever looked at a bouncy castle and wished you could get away at having a go, the bungee run is going to be perfect! Unleash your inner child and we can guarantee all the girls will be left in stitches. What's wrong with letting your inner child out to play on your hen weekend? Gather up the girls and get the giggles going!

Enjoy a breather from the petrol fumes of the city centre and get some much-needed fresh air in the great outdoors as you fill your lungs and charge for the finish line. The bigger the distance you can run before the bungee takes over, the more points you'll score for your team. We're all about giving hens an experience they wouldn't normally have the chance to do. We reckon scrambling along a blow-up raceway with a Velcro stick fits the bill perfectly. Bungee running is bold, bouncy and hilarious. Are you woman enough to smash the challenge?

In a nutshell:

  • Nottingham Bungee Run
  • Just outside the city centre
  • Split into two teams
  • Race down an inflatable course
  • Equipment included
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