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Nottingham Escape Rooms

What is this place?

Can your hen party nail the spooky Nottingham Escape Rooms? Lurking in the basement you'll find a series of eerie, enigmatic rooms that carry dark secrets, mysteries, fascinating stories and tragic tales.

What made the mad scientist flee his lab in such a hurry? did the intrepid explorer stumble across an ancient evil in the creepiest corner of the crypt? You and your bride tribe have one hour to solve the mystery and escape the room.

Don't worry if plan A doesn't work - the alphabet has 25 more letters. Chill!

All the clues and tools you need to break free are in the room itself. It's what you do with them that counts! Most things are there for a reason but there are a few red herrings to keep you on your toes.

The puzzles can't be solved by one person alone, you'll need bodies everywhere to shout out clues and get the contraptions to crank into gear, switch on and light up. Nothing bonds a hen party like a team challenge. You'll need to be a super tight crew to beat the escape rooms.

Blink as you ascend the old stone steps into broad daylight and kiss Nottingham's cobbles! Old Market Square never looked so good. Plus it's got lots of pubs that are just perfect for a cheeky post-challenge tipple.

In a nutshell:

  • Basement escape rooms located in Nottingham city centre
  • A challenge for teams of 2 - 5 people
  • Amazing themes, clever puzzles, props, games and riddles
  • 1 hour to escape
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