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Nottingham Tank Driving

Hey tank girl!

Do something completely badass on your hen do with Nottingham Tank Driving! It takes a real woman to smash this activity, and it doesn't get more grand than taking a genuine armoured vehicle round an ex-Army bombing range.

Set out in the countryside, this off road tank driving track is lumpy, bumpy and know to be very muddy when it rains. Your mission is to jump behind the controls and take your tank round the track in the fastest time.

Slip into a tank suit, pop a helmet on and see if you've got the skill to control this bad boy!

Warning: Kickass chick, driving tank

If you want something thrilling for your last fling before the ring, tank driving will definitely fit the bill. The instructor accompanies you for the first lap but after that, you're in control of a massive, rugged military vehicle. Feel your heart pump like a piston as the instructor closes the hatch and leaves you with only the periscope to see through.

The tank can take the terrain, but can you handle the tank?

You can communicated with the instructor using a headset but that's all. it's up to you to keep your cool and get the tank to the finish point. After you've done the difficult second lap with the hatch down, you can choose whether to keep it down for lap three or have it open again. Will you take the easy option or have another crack at using the periscope?

Can you cope with tank driving under battle conditions? There's only one way to find out! Take the tank driving challenge!

In a nutshell:

  • Tank driving on an old bombing range
  • Takes approximately 45 minutes, 30 minutes of actual tank driving
  • Instructor for the first lap, second and third lap unassisted
  • Drive under battle conditions
  • Overalls and helmets supplied
  • Entry to museum included
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