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'Dance is the hidden language of the soul.' - Martha Graham

Dance is an activity that brings hen parties together like nothing else. We've got a wide range of Oxford Dance Classesthat'll get your girls dancing their feet silly. Go on girls, dance 'til you drop, pump up your hen party spirit and bond with your fellow beauties!

If you're planning a hen weekend and you're struggling for activities that'll appeal to everyone from the boozers and party princesses to the culture vultures, you can't go wrong with an afternoon of dance. Rock your tracksuit bottoms or go the whole hog with some fancy dress, when you're done you'll have all the energy you need to party the night away on George Street. Choose from the following dance classes:

1920's Charleston

Go back to the Roaring Twenties on your hen weekend! Learn the dance style that was the bee's knees during that era. Don't get worried about the steps being too fast. Our instructor is brilliant at pacing the class for your hen parties ability and experience. So go on and get your groove on.

90s Raver

Get that neon out and rock those glow sticks ladies! A 90s raver dance class is set to hits that made the 90s from DJ Jazzy Jeff to Prodigy. So don your hi-tops and crop tops and rave on!

Spice Girls

A Spice Girls dance class just screams fancy dress. Sort out which of you will be Baby, Scary, Posh, Ginger and Sport, then belt out big hits like Spice Up Your Life while learning dance moves from the music videos.


Love music videos like 'Lemonade' and 'Drunk in Love'? Then you'll love a Beyonce dance class. Get the girls together to learn the moves of Queen Bey herself. Learn Sasha Fierce's bootylicious dance routine, and strut, stomp and throw your hair like a real diva. With songs like 'Single Ladies' this dance class was made for hen parties.


Give the bride a hen party that would make Sue Sylvester proud! A Glee Dance Class teaches steps to a routine set to songs that were popular in the show. Rock out to anthems like Boston's Don't Stop Believin'. If you've got a hen party with a wide age range, this one will have everyone dancin'.

Boy Band and Girl Groups

Two dance classes that were made for brides that love their boy bands or girl groups! The Boy Band Dance Party gets your group up and dancing to hits from groups who went top of the pop charts from Westlife to Backstreet Boys. If the bride's more a fan of All Saints, Destiny's Child and Girls Aloud, she'll love a dance class filled with songs from her favourite bands. Learn routines to hits from all your favourite groups and then rock them in the bars and clubs!


One of the most popular dance classes for hen parties, a burlesque class is perfect for adding a touch of sexy to your hen weekend. Get the girls together to learn moves that'll sizzle up your bedroom and feel like a million bucks afterwards when your confidence is simply soaring!


For bride's who're fans of movies like Bring It On, you've got to get your groove on to hits like Hey Mickey with a cheerleading lesson on your final weekend of freedom. Come on and give your single life a cheer!

Chicago Jazz Class

Chicago was one of the hottest Broadway shows with hits like the Cell Block Tango. Get the girls together and learn a routine that'd make Roxy and Velma proud!

Chart Toppers

If your hen party is digging what's in the Top 40 and are keen on learning a routine set to the big numbers, you're in luck. It's like being in the club in the middle of the day and learning a dance routine to your fave tunes. Brilliant!

In a nutshell:

  • Oxford Dance Classes
  • Private room hire, city centre venue
  • Professional instruction
  • Suitable for all abilities and ages
  • Dance class lengths vary
  • Ask your hen party planner for more details on your chosen dance class
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