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Oxford Quad Biking

I will not keep calm! I will drive off road and play dirty.

If the bride's the kind of girl who prefers manifolds to manicures and she loves to be in the outdoors, she'll love to experience a session of Oxford Quad Biking on her hen weekend. There's nothing quite like letting loose over the terrain kicking up dust and mud to get the hen party spirit pumping.

Quad biking is the perfect activity for a hen party with a range of age levels. From the bride's BFF to her auntie, all the ladies will love tearing up on a quad bike in the countryside. You don't need a driving licence to take part, so even the girls who've not taken the leap can have fun with the rest of the group. Don't worry if there are girls without those ingrained driving skills. The friendly instructors are brilliant with hen parties. They'll get confidence levels on the rise; helping the maid of honour getting the girls bonded like never before. So get the girls out of bed, steer them clear of the bars and pubs for a few hours and get some fresh air in the great outdoors.

Quad-portunity: driving over something just because you can!

The bride's been stressing over seating arrangements and caterers for long enough. She needs an activity where she can really let loose and get rid of all that stress. When the adrenaline starts surging, pulses pounding she'll forget about that wedding stress and work day woes. The driving centre is only a short drive from the city centre. When your group gets there, you'll go through a safety briefing and the event coordinators will give you some instruction on how to operate the quad bikes. It's relatively simple. The quad bikes we use are automatics, so all you've got to do is open up that throttle and away you go!

First, you'll go through the training run. It's got slaloms and tight squeezes, this will help all the girls get a handle on driving these mean machines. Once you've got all the basics down, you're off on safari through 15 acres of lush woodlands. Your hen party will tackle terrain that includes lumps, bumps and there will be open fields where you can really get some speed going. When the activity comes to an end, the girls will be pumped, the party mood at a peak and the wedding party will be perfectly bonded before the big day!

In a nutshell:

  • Oxford Quad Biking
  • 20min drive from city centre
  • Automatic 300cc Kawasaki Brutes
  • Must be 16+
  • Driving licence not required
  • Ask your hen party planner for more details
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Oxford Quad Adventure - Hen Party Ideas
Quad Adventure
Whats Included...
  • Quad Biking
  • Archery
  • Comedy Club
  • Nightclub Entry
  • 2 Nights Accommodation
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