Palma Hen Do Ideas and Activities - Jet Ski

Palma Jet Ski

Fly across the water on your final fling before the ring!

Imagine being able to say you had a Palma Jet Skihen party! Mallorca's coastal capital is the perfect place to enjoy a blast on a bike. You'll get 20 minutes on a jet ski at a lovely spot a short drive from Palma City. It's two people per jet ski, which is great as you get to share this wet 'n wild bucket list experience with your bestie. Jump on, give it some welly and fly across the water.

Water sports are a must for a hen party weekend in Palma. Jet ski rides are for all you adrenaline angels out there who want something that'll make you throw your head back, whoop, laugh, and do a little air punch. Mallorca is water sports heaven. Maybe it's the golden sandy beaches and the sunny weather. Perhaps it's the bathwater warm, crystalline turquoise ocean.

Whatever it is, it makes you want to do something crazy, fast and fun!

Get on your jet ski and feel the warm breeze on your arms as you charge across the open waters, backed by beaches, coves, rocky inlets, whitewashed buildings and marinas.

You need this in your life! Say goodbye to life as a single lady by going jet skiing. In the Balearics. Hen party awesomeness nailed.

In a nutshell:

  • Palma Jet Ski
  • 2ppl per jet ski
  • Located 20mins from the city centre
  • Allow 20mins for this activity (not including transfers)
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