Paris Hen Do Ideas and Activities - Extreme Shooting

Paris Extreme Shooting

Go all guns blazing on your Paris hen weekend!

Release your inner Sarah Connors on a Parisian shooting range, with a selection of four deadly weapons to get you going! You'll be handling the Glock 17, the Heckler and Koch MP5 and the 9mm Parabellum handgun, as well as a .22 calibre long barrelled rifle. Snipe, potshot and blast your way to killer queen status in this adrenaline pumping Saturday afternoon classic!

Shooting is a brilliant way to get the girls to do something they'd never be able to back in the UK. You'll be given full instructions from a qualified safety adviser, who will show you how to use each weapon. Your instructor stays with the hen party for the duration of the shoot, to ensure you all stay safe and get the most fun out of using the weapons.

After a few practice rounds, team the girls up and start blasting the targets. Breathe steadily, let the gun rest in the palm of your hand, and squeeze the trigger as you blow out. Who'll be cream of the crop when the results come in?

Your Paris extreme shooting range package includes:

  • Two hours at a Paris shooting range
  • Full safety equipment and instruction
  • A qualified safety instructor on hand at all times
  • Gun hire
  • Ammunition

Add shotguns and assault rifles to your shooting package on request.

Looking for a completely unique package?

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