Prague Hen Do Ideas and Activities - Bungee Jump

Prague Bungee Jump

Take the leap of faith on your final weekend of freedom!

Prague Bungee Jumping has to be done at least once. Totally bonkers, a bit scary and the biggest adrenaline rush ever! There's no better time or place to leap off a high platform than a hen weekend in Prague. Feel the mind-boggling sensation of free falling from a famous bridge near Prague. Renowned for its amazing views, this bridge is over a dazzling blue river surrounded by hills, fields and pine trees. It's an epic place to take the plunge. Get your names down and start counting the sleeps.

You'll be buzzing from the moment you wake up. Half the fun is actually travelling to the jump site! Everyone will be talking non-stop, getting a little bit nervous and itching to do the bungee jumping bit. Leave the cobbles, spires and cellars of central Prague behind and go off on an adventure into the luscious Czech countryside.

Do something wild. Monotony can kill.

Your car pulls up at the mighty bridge and everyone goes quiet. This is really happening! You're about to smash bungee jumping on your hen weekend. Enjoy a rush of anticipation like no other. Your spine will tingle and those hairs on the back of your neck? Yep, they'll stand to attention as you get harnessed up for the main event.

Suddenly, you're standing on the edge of the bridge, ready to leap. Can you really do this? ‘Course you can. Inch over to the very edge, take a deep breath and...JUMP! Experience pure exhilaration as you float for a split second and then fall at an amazing speed to the water below. What a way to celebrate a hen weekend!

In a nutshell:

  • Prague Bungee Jumping
  • 1hr from the city centre
  • 1 jump
  • Local, English-speaking guide
  • 1 beer afterwards
  • Available: May - Sept
From Only £120.00 per Person
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