Prague Hen Do Ideas and Activities - Sky Diving Simulator

Prague Sky Diving Simulator

The rush without the risk...

Prague Sky Diving Simulator get the adrenaline rush without leaping out of a plane. Winner! Jump in a wind tunnel and experience the pure joy of free falling. You'll get all the fun of sky diving without the scary stuff. Whoop and howl laughing as you enter the vertical wind chamber and get whisked up in the air by a super powerful air stream. You'll feel like you're in Mission: Impossible or a Bond movie!

It doesn't matter if no-one on the hen do has tried anything like sky diving before. Professional instructors will be on hand to reassure you, provide full training and make sure everyone has a total blast.

Give the bride a badass single life send off!

A lot of people wouldn't dream of jumping out of a plane but the sky diving simulator is way more accessible. It's far cheaper too, making it a great choice if you want something everyone on the hen weekend can afford.

Get your friends to take pictures of you floating in the wind chamber. Your flight will be recorded for posterity. Get a DVD of you sky diving as a memento of the hen weekend and prove you had the guts to actually do it!

In a nutshell:

  • Prague Sky Diving Simulator
  • Indoor wind tunnel jump
  • Professional instruction
  • 25mins from the city centre
  • Transfers included
  • Equipment hire included
  • 2 x 90sec jumps per person (same as jumping out of plane)
From Only £108.00 per Person
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