Puerto Banus Hen Do Ideas and Activities - Salsa Class

Puerto banus Salsa Dance Class

Dance until the stars come down from the rafters...

Spice up your life with a bit of Latino heat on a Puerto Banus salsa dance class. An afternoon learning sizzling steps will add some heat to your hen party and get the girls int he mood for a big night out on Puerto Banus marina or the lively second line.

Anyone can take party and the complimentary welcome drink will soon shake off those inhibitions. It really doesn't matter if you have two left feet; our brilliant instructor will break everything down and boost your confidence big time.

Life would be rather boring without a bit of salsa!

Bring comfy clothes that will allow you to move and groove to these Latin beats. Remember the bit in Dirty Dancing where Baby does 'Mambo Magic' with Johnny at the Sheldrake Hotel? Well, this is along the same lines - only without the sexy male dancer and the exhilarating final lift. If that doesn't get you excited about doing a salsa class, nothing will!

Sensual, fast-paced and so hot it's literally smoking, salsa is a ton of fun, a great workout and incredibly addictive. The basic steps are surprisingly easy to pick up as they're based on a simple three-step pattern. Result!

Emerge feeling super sexy and salsa your way along the Golden Mile from Puerto Banus to Marbella Town.

In a nutshell:

  • Puerto Banus salsa dance class
  • 1 hour private dance class or 90 minutes for groups of 14 or more
  • Professionally trained salsa instructor
  • Complimentary welcome drink

Packages That Include This Activity:

Hen Party Packages - Puerto Banus - Salsa Night
Sizzlin Salsa

From £179.00 Per Person