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Reading Hen Do Ideas and Activities - Hovercrafts

Reading Hovercrafts

Be some high speed hens!

Give the bride an unforgettable sendoff with an afternoon driving the Reading Hovercrafts! Crazy, loads of fun, and completely different from the usual Reading hen do activities, hovercrafts is for adventurous hens who love a challenge. Can you control giant a 600cc air bed and take it round a track designed to test your driving skill, focus and nerve?

These bad boys can power across fields and water, but they are a bit tricky to manoeuvre. Prepare to laugh lots, spin out and enjoy a whopping great hit of adrenaline. Who will get round the track in the fastest time?

Put your driving skills to the ultimate test...

Literally anyone can try hovercrafts. The controls have been specially modified so that even those with no off road driving experience can operate them. The controls are straightforward enough but getting a hovercraft to go in the direction you want is anything but! Howl laughing as you go backwards, get stuck, do donuts without intending to, and then suddenly get the knack of it and shoot across grass or water. Once you've cracked it, hovercrafts are brilliant fun.

You've got to try hovercrafts at least once in your life! There's no driving experience quite like it and you'll never look at an air bed in quite the same way after your Reading hen do. Hovercrafts are one of those funny and frustrating vehicles that take equal amounts of skill, patience and perseverance. Reckon you can smash this one?

In a nutshell:

  • Reading Hovercrafts
  • Short drive from the city centre
  • Off road driving in giant air cushion
  • Skills course
  • Compete in teams or go head-to-head (time & weather permitting)
  • Safety equipment, briefing & instruction included
  • Bring old trainers & appropriate outdoor clothing
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