Reading Hen Do Ideas and Activities - Sumo Wrestling

Reading Sumo Wrestling

Get your grapple on!

Looking for big hen do ideas? They don't get much bigger or funnier than Reading Sumo Wrestling. Climb into a giant sumo suit, get in the ring and go up against your friends for the honour of being crowned grand champion. You need this activity in your lives! It will break the ice instantly and have the girls in fits.

You can't take yourself seriously doing something like this. Slap your thighs, stamp your feet, get your war face on and shout: 'Hiiiiiyah!' Compete in two teams of up to eight people. The first to win three bouts is declared champion.

Can you stop giggling long enough to smash the opposition?

The sumo wrestling costumes are absolutely priceless. You'll look every inch the sumo star with your loincloth and top knot! The aim of the game is simple: grapple your opponent and get her to step outside the ring. Not as easy as it sounds, especially when you've got a slippery padded suit on. Can you keep a straight face, focus and catch your opponent off her guard? Or will you both end up collapsed on the floor in a fit of the giggles?

What could be funnier or more memorable than a sumo wrestling Reading hen do? Exactly. Let us know when you're coming and we'll pop your names down.

In a nutshell:

  • Reading Sumo Wrestling
  • Short distance from the city centre
  • Giant padded sumo suits with top knots
  • Compete in 2 teams
  • Head-to-head bouts
  • Max 8ppl per team
  • Professional instruction

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