Salou Hen Do Ideas and Activities - Bar Crawl

Salou Bar Crawl

Here's to what I won't remember...cheers!

A Salou Bar Crawl is a given when you're on a hen weekend. We mean, you do want to find the best drinks deals and the hottest staff, right? That's where our local nightlife guide comes in. He'll make sure you hit the liveliest pubs and bars in the big nightlife areas around Murillo, Carles Buigas (Slammers) or La Pineada without getting lost along the way. Boom! That's your first night in Spain, sorted!

Come on, girls. Do you really want to traipse around town in your statement heels, killing your feet trying to find the best place to celebrate the bride's final weekend of freedom? It's a no brainer!

Good girls are made of sugar and spice, hen parties are made of vodka and ice!

This is one of the most popular resorts on the Costa Dorada, and a hot favourite with the stags and hens. There are more pubs, bars, clubs and cheesy discos than you can shake a shot glass at, which can be a bit dazzling when you've just landed and want to get your party on. Hand the reins over to a guide who knows what's what, and chill, safe in the knowledge that the hen night will be a success.

Go bar hopping and get some of the most famous and popular bars in Salou hit on night one. Make the most of your time and see all sorts of crazy shizzle go down. We're talking clothes swapping, shots, more shots, naughty party games, cheeky challenges, beach parties, dancing on bars, fancy dress, fire eaters, jugglers, cocktails...whew so much!

In a nutshell:

  • Salou Bar Crawl
  • Local nightlife guide
  • Unbiased advice

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