Sheffield Blind Wine Tasting

Celebrate your hen night right in Sheffield!

If you're planning a hen weekend for your bestie in Steel City and you want to really impress the girls, the Sheffield Blind Wine Tasting experience will do the trick. This hen party activity has everything you need to get the party spirit pumping. We're talking about alcohol, party atmosphere and friendly competition with your favourite ladies. What more could you want when you want to bond the girls before the bride takes the leap into married life?

Whether your hen party are the type of ladies which always have a glass of wine in their hand on a night out, or if they have only drank vino at work functions and special occasions, this activity will appeal to the masses. All it takes is a nose for top notes and tastebuds which can identify different fruits and how the wine was aged. Unsure how that works? Don't fret! You'll be taken through the characteristics of each of the brands by a wine expert, so you'll have insider knowledge before you even begin.

Give the bride a brilliant Sheffield hen weekend...

We take care of sorting it all out for you. Your job is to make sure the ladies are party perfect and down to the venue at your prearranged meeting time. The venue is right in the heart of the party district of Sheffield, close to the places you'll want to be toasting the leading lady when the sun goes down. The staff will be waiting for your arrival and will show you to a table reserved for your event. Have a seat, relax, catch up with the girls and nibble on decadent appetisers, provided for your tasting.

The host will split your bride tribe into teams before the tasting begins, give you hints and tips on how to identify each brand and show the six wines you'll be tasting. Put those blindfolds on and get to work! When you correctly identify a wine, you get a point. If your team has the most points by the end of the event, you win!

In a nutshell:

  • Sheffield Blind Wine Tasting
  • Popular, city centre venue
  • Expert host
  • 6 different wines to taste
  • Friendly competition
  • Appetisers
  • Ask your hen party planner for further details
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