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Sheffield Chart Toppers Dance Class

'We gon' party like it's yo birthday!' - 50 Cent

Break it down on the dance floor with the hottest trends of the Noughties with a Sheffield Chart Toppers Dance Class on your hen weekend. Own the body roll. Slay the shimmy. Do the double hair flip. Become queens of twerking. Whatever's happening in the world of music videos will be covered in your class. It lasts two hours and happens on a Saturday afternoon, which is perfect as the routine will still be fresh in your minds when you hit West Street later.

'I'm going in for the kill. I'm doing it for the thrill.' - La Roux

Here's the deal: you get your very own room and dance teacher for two whole hours. Get moving with a quick warmup and then find out exactly how to perform those badass moves from all your fave music videos. Your teacher goes through each steps individually so you can see precisely how they're done. Find out things like how to get your hips and torso to do a body roll and the way to make a hair flip look both effortless and awesome.

Sheffield has everything from glam boutique clubs to whopping great clubbing arenas. You can't have a Sheffield hen weekend without clubbing! A 00s dance class will show you all the steps you need right now. Get in the club and dominate the dancefloor.

In a nutshell:

  • Sheffield Chart Toppers Dance Class
  • Private, city centre venue
  • Dance teacher
  • Focuses on fresh steps, moves and trends
  • Practice and then perform as a routine
  • Allow 2hrs for this activity
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