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Tenerife Cheeky Butler

Give your BFF a hen weekend in Tenerife she'll never forget!

You've gotta love a cheeky butler! Tenerife hen parties were made for cheeky charmers with biceps and buns of steel. Say the word and we'll make the hen blush with a super hot server. He'll be your waiter with a difference for one hour. Make those minutes count, girls. We'll handle all the arrangements; just get the hen to the bar on time. The best hen party planner of the year award goes to…you!

You can just see it now – the hen's up at the bar, ordering a glass of vino or a cocktail. She turns around, and boom! There's a fittie stood right in front of her wearing a bow tie, white collar, and a pinny the size of a postage stamp. He'll get your drinks from the bar and basically be a cheeky charmer. Even the most worldly-wise hen in the party will start tittering and tossing her hair when he talks to her! If everyone chips in and you keep it quiet, a cheeky butler will be the best surprise ever.

A little bit of eye candy is good for you! One of our most popular ‘activities' for Tenerife hen parties, cheeky butler time is a bit of fun for the girls. If you think male strippers are a bit much but still want something with a bit of sauce, bring a cheeky butler to the party and you've nailed it.

In a nutshell:

  • Cheeky butler to wait on your group
  • Yours for 1 hour
  • He'll come and surprise the hen at a centrally located bar

From Only £11.00 per Person
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