Vilnius Hen Do Ideas and Activities - Nightclub Entry

Vilnius Nightclub Entry

'If you're gonna be a homebody, let's have a house party!' - Sam Hunt

Tell the girls to bring their best dancing shoes to the Lithuanian capital, because you're off clubbing with Vilnius Nightclub Entry! Include pre-arranged nightclub entry for your hen party and nail the whole clubbing thing. No wondering where to go when you're looking to get your groove on. We've dance our way round Lithuania's largest city and found the best places to party until the break of dawn.

Get into one of the city's hottest clubs with no drama, drink cocktails and dance the night away.

'Summer sky dripping rhinestones, get your party lights on, baby get your shine on!' - Florida Georgia Line

Start your girly getaway with a little bar crawl. The areas around Vokieciu Street and Islandijos Steet are the main drinking destinations. During the summer, everyone spills out onto the streets and central Vilnius turns into one massive party. As you can imagine, the clubs get pretty busy as no one wants to go home when they're having such a wicked time. Get the girls on the guest list and you won't have to waste time finding somewhere to party or queuing up for ages to get in.

Love going glam? You've picked the right destination for your final fling before the ring. Vilnius clubs can be quite dressy, so feel free to bring out your shiniest party frocks, rock a new 'do and get your nails did!

If you want a smooth sailing sort of hen weekend in a stunning Eastern European destination, pre-booked nightclub entry is a must. Pop it on the agenda with flights, accommodations and activities and be the world's best hen party planner.

In a nutshell:

  • Vilnius Nightclub Entry
  • Pre-booked guest list entry
  • Get your whole group in together
  • Queue jumping privileges

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