Warsaw Hen Do Ideas and Activities - Sky Diving Simulator

Warsaw Skydiving Simulator

Your wings already exist...all you need to do is fly.

Jump straight in to your hen party with a visit to the Warsaw Skydiving Simulator! Indoor skydiving gives you the rush without the super scary bits, like the heights! Now you don't have to jump out of an actual plane to feel the incredible sensation you get from skydiving. Everyone gets three minutes on the simulator, plus a memento certificate and video footage you can download to a USB. You'll be able to boast that you took the plunge in Poland!

'Yeah I'm free, free fallin'' - Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers

When it comes to exciting hen party ideas, indoor skydiving is right up there with bungee jumping! The feel of free-falling is an incredible experience; you'll whoop, laugh, scream and feel like a superhuman in flight! Don't worry if you've never done anything quite like this before, the guys at the skydiving centre are brilliant and will soon put you at ease with a safety briefing and training on what to do.

There's not much to it, all you need is a love of adrenaline and a sense of adventure. Once you're all suited up and ready to go, just get in there and go for it. You'll be suspended above a massive column or air, which gives you the freefall effect. Are you ladies ready to fly?

Indoor skydiving is a bucket list 'must do', and your hen weekend is the ideal time to tick this one off! Do this biggie along with seeing big attractions like St. John's Cathedral and the Royal Castle. See the sights and get your kicks...epic hen weekend, sorted!

In a nutshell:

  • Warsaw Skydiving Simulator
  • 3 minutes each
  • Instructor
  • Safety gear provided
  • Certificate mementos
  • Video you can download to your own USB stick
From Only £116.00 per Person
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