Warsaw Hen Do Ideas and Activities - Vodka Tasting

Warsaw Vodka Tasting

If you drink enough vodka, it tastes like love...

A hen party in Poland without a Warsaw Vodka Tasting experience would be like London without gin, Prague without beer, Edinburgh without whisky. Vodka is the national drink of Poland, so it would really be rude not to give their varieties a shot (or more!). Try five different kinds of vodka with an expert and hear all sorts of fun facts you can whip out when you want to impress at parties! Little cheese and meat snacks are included, so you'll have something to nibble on through the session.

I tried to say no to vodka, but it's 40% stronger than me!

How do you tell Russian and Polish vodka apart? What's the deal with triple distillation and why's it make a difference? Can you tell bottom shelf from top shelf premium quality stuff? These are just some of the burning questions that'll you'll get the answers to during a vodka tasting session in Warsaw city centre.

Your vodka expert will show you how the Poles appreciate their vodka and tell you all sorts of wild and wonderful things you never knew about one of the world's most popular spirits.

You'll never look at vodka the same way after a hen weekend away in the Polish capital. Vodka tasting is fun with a side of culture! As vodka is a massive part of Polish culture, you'll be able to say you topped up on some during your girly getaway. If you get a taste for it, continue the theme by check out one of Warsaw's 24-hour zakaski bars. It will get messy!

In a nutshell:

  • Warsaw Vodka Tasting
  • Popular, city centre venue
  • Vodka expert host
  • Reserved area for your hen party
  • 5 varieties
  • Blind tasting
  • Snacks to nibble throughout the session
  • Allow 90mins for this activity

Packages That Include This Activity:

Warsaw Hen Party Packages - Vodka and VIP
Vodka and VIP

From £139.00 Per Person