Hens doing shots of tequila. Explore the Wroclaw Bar Crawl for your hen do:

Wroclaw Bar Crawl

'Drinking all night, now it's time to wind down. Talk about what we found.' - Hot Water Music

Gather your bride tribe for a Wroclaw Bar Crawl of Old Town, it's gonna be a stunna! Meet up with a local guide and hit the hottest spots in the city with zero time wasted, brilliant.

Meet up at a popular pub, have a chat about what kind of venues you're looking for, then head off to bars that tick all your boxes. With wine, cocktail and hip cellar bars on the menu, you're bound to have a massive night.

This is the perfect way to begin your hen weekend in this pretty Polish city. Why spend ages deciding where to go when you can hit the town with someone in the know?

'Twelve bars behinds us, twelve bars to go...' - Hem

Wroclaw has a brilliant bar and club scene. There's always something going on and somewhere for everyone, with stylish terrace bars to clubs in huge underground wine cellars and pubs that spill out into courtyards in the summer. The vibe is laid back and friendly. Picture it ladies, you'll have a blast!

The most popular spots can be found around the Market Square area. However, with a local guide showing you the ropes you could also hit a few of the locals' favourites on and around ul. Wlodkowica and ul.Ruska. It's a golden opportunity to discover little gems you'd have a hard time finding by yourself. You're only in the area for a weekend, make every second count!

In a nutshell:

  • Wroclaw Bar Crawl
  • Local, knowledgeable party guide
  • Visit 3 - 5 bars

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