York Hen Do Ideas and Activities - Ghost Walk

York Ghost Walk

Find out what's beneath the city's facade...

Want something that'll add a little extra sizzle to the second day of your hen weekend? The York Ghost Walk is a spine tingling experience, and the perfect way to sort the ice maidens from the scream queens. If the bog standard activities aren't your bag, this will definitely tickle your fancy...or make you scream in terror!

Will your bride tribe be able to hold it together, as your guide leads you through some of the city's most terrifying locations? The city is said to hold more than 500 ghosts, ranging from the disembodied voices of singing children to the weeping spectre of a murdered nun.

Discover the dark side of York.

There's a house along the walk in whose cellar you could see a whole garrison of ghostly Roman soldiers, a graveyard where headless Royals are doomed to wander and even a Marks & Spencer plagued by the disturbed spirits of Viking invaders!

Spooky, theatrical and utterly brilliant fun, the legendary York Ghost Walk is a brilliant way to kick off the Saturday night of a hen weekend. Share a bottle of wine with the girls in the King's Arms, while you wait for your delightfully creepy host to turn up. Then follow him through the winding streets and back alleys of the city, listening to terrifying tales and visiting the sites of frequent hauntings. Can you handle the suspense?

In a nutshell:

  • York Ghost Walk
  • Guided tour
  • Starts in the King's Arms
  • See the most haunted spots in town
  • One of the oldest & most popular ghost walks in the country
  • Private or shared tours available

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