York Lip Sync Live

Get the music pumping on your York hen weekend!

Take your karaoke session to the next level on your hen do with the York Lip Sync Live experience. More than just a bog standard karaoke sesh, this is everything you could want out of a lip syncing performance, ladies! Plus, we’ve added a little something extra to this karaoke sash with a lip sync battle! You’ve seen it on the Late Show with Jimmy Kimmel, now it’s your turn to go head to head against your favourite ladies!

You don’t have to be pros like Beyoncé to take part, literally everyone can have a go at singing in a group and you won’t have an audience, so lose those inhibitions and go for it ladies! Perfect for bonding a bride tribe, if you want to get involved, give us the nod and we’ll get everything sorted before you even arrive into the city to celebrate.

Can you rock it on your hen night in York?

Your lip sync live experience takes place at a private studio in the city centre. When you arrive, you’ll be met by a friendly, experienced instructor who’ll take you through a briefing and get everyone ready to sing. Choose two of your favourite songs, and the instructors will break them down into a battle style. As a group you’ll learn both parts of the battle, but then it’s time to split your hen party into teams.

As a team, you’ll practice your parts, and learn the corresponding choreography that the instructor has put together. Then, it’s time to hit the stage. Do it right with fancy dress and microphone props and take down the competition. You’ll be singing, dancing and battling later on in the club, we can guarantee it! This activity is brilliant for bonding, but also for getting your hen party spirit pumping well before you hit the bars, pubs and clubs of the city.

In a nutshell:

  • York Lip Sync Live
  • Private, city centre venue
  • Professional instructor
  • 2 songs
  • Choreography
  • Battle head-to-head
  • Allow 2 hrs for this activity
  • Ask your hen party planner for further details

Looking for a completely unique package?

Want to try this exciting activity as part of your Hen Weekend? Just give us a call or click for a quote on this activity, let us know which location or area of the world you would like to do this and we will sort the rest for you.

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