York Hen Do Ideas and Activities - Old School Sports Day

York Old School Sports Day

Bragging rights and prizes are up for grabs!

Need something fun and different to do with the girls before you go out drinking? York Old School Sports Day is a total scream! It's jam packed with all those races you only do at primary school. Think obstacle races with beanbags and cones. Hula hoops. Space hoppers. Everything that used to tumble out of the P.E. room when the teacher unlocked the door.

"Hogwarts will always be there to welcome you home" - J.K. Rowling

Your group will be separated into houses (so you can imagine you're at Hogwarts) and go toe-to-toe in a bid to get the most points and win the event. Event coordinators get the team spirit up and organise you all so that the maid of honour can relax and enjoy herself. Wear your house colours with pride! Bibs and headbands make it easy to identify each house. The coordinators add up the scores at the end and the winner is announced.

What do points mean? That's right; prizes. Just like in primary school, the winners will get a little token to take home and treasure. And the losers? Well, no one really loses because you all get to do something silly and fun with your friends. That's the beauty of York Old School Sports Day.

Get your games kit out and do Yorkshire proud!

In a nutshell:

  • York Old School Sports Day
  • Relays, sack race, egg & spoon
  • Event coordinators
  • Equipment & court hire included
  • Prizes at the end
  • Allow 1hr for this activity
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