Zagreb Hen Do Ideas and Activities - Airport Transfers

Zagreb Airport Transfers

Pack your bags girls, you're off!

Getting your hen party off on the right foot starts when you arrive at your accommodation! Book Zagreb Airport Transfers before your hen do and get your final fling off to a rip-roaring start as soon as you hit the city!

We'll arrange a private taxi for a fixed price. Your driver will meet you at the airport and whisk you off to your hotel or apartment, then return again to take you back when your holibobs come to an end. You won't have to look for him. He'll be the guy waiting for you in arrivals with a card bearing your team leaders name. Boom!

wanderlust (n.) - A strong desire or urge to wander or explore the world.

Who wants the hassle of sussing out the public transport system when you've just stepped off the plane? You're coming for a hen do, not backpacking round Europe. Every second counts. Plump for private transfers in Croatia and cut your transfer times in half.

No maps, confusing tram networks or over-crowded buses!

Dragging your bags over cobbled streets is definitely not an ideal way to start your holiday. Meet your driver at the airport, get your bags in the boot, slide into the car and you're off! Straight to your accommodation, no bumpy bag towing needed.

Split the cost between your bride tribe and it'll be well worth it for a hassle-free introduction to Croatia's stunning capital. It's a no-brainer!

In a nutshell:

  • Zagreb Airport Transfers
  • Hassle-free and affordable
  • Faster than public transport
  • Private taxi
  • Driving waiting in arrivals with a placard

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