Zagreb Hen Do Ideas and Activities - Sky Diving

Zagreb Skydiving

'I'm leaving on a jet plane, I don't know when I'll be back again.' - John Denver

You're about to take the plunge into married life, so why not go the whole hog with a Zagreb Skydiving hen do? What better way to celebrate a milestone like marriage than with a one-of-a-lifetime experience?

Gather the girls and prepare yourselves for the ultimate adrenaline hit when you take in stunning, mind-blowing panoramic views of Zagreb County, with its soaring hills, sprawling vineyards, dense forests and deep green lakes.

Talk about taking a weight off your shoulders! This is a fantastic weightless and limitless activity...

Life is either a daring adventure...or nothing.

Skydiving virgins are welcome, along with those who've jumped before. Take a deep breath and imagine that second of pure, unadulterated freedom as you leap out of the plane and start free flying and gliding over the city. Nothing can compare...

Nervous? You needn't be, but a bit of adrenaline really adds to the excitement of the experience. Screw up the courage to go skydiving and you'll be so glad you did! A professionally trained, qualified instructor will be with you and will pull the cord when the time comes, so all you need to do is enjoy the ride!

If you want to do something really memorable on your final fling before the ring, skydiving can't be beat!

In a nutshell:

  • Zagreb skydiving
  • Safety briefing
  • Tandem jump with experienced instructor
  • Jumpsuit and helmet provided
  • Certificate mementos
From Only £350.00 per Person
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