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Sky Diving Simulator for Hen Parties, Hen Weekends and Hen Dos

Skydiving Simulator

With brave wings she flies...

Thanks to the wonders of modern technology you don't have to go anywhere near a plane to experience the soaring highs of skydiving! A Skydiving Simulator jumps mimic the sensation you get from jumping out of a plane and free falling to the ground. This is a truly amazing way to wave goodbye to the single life on a hen weekend without spending half of it scared out of your wits. Basically, you get the rush without the risk and it's way cheaper too. Genius!

First time flyers are welcome and anyone from children to adults and OAPs can make the jump.

These girls are wild at heart!

We'll book you and the gang in for a skydiving simulator session with experienced instructors. You get to enjoy this amazing experience as a group. It's an unforgettable shared experience and brilliant for bonding, which is great news if you're planning a hen party with people who don't know each other. Feel the sweet rush of anticipation as you make your way down the tunnel to the jump point, take a deep breath and enjoy a moment of pure adrenaline charged awesomeness as you leap into the air!

Super powerful air fans support your body weight and allow you to freefall without risk. Clever, eh?

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